Course Descriptions

RIS Course Descriptions  

RIS 501 • Radiologic and Imaging Sciences I  

Basic sciences of radiologic professions including physics, instrumentation, data capture and management. Includes discussions of modalities in radiography, nuclear medicine, radiation therapy, ultrasound, and CVIS. 

RIS 502 • Radiologic and Imaging Sciences II

Imaging techniques, technological advances in the radiologic/imaging sciences, patient care trends, and the role of a radiologic and imaging sciences professional. 

RIS 503 • Radiologic and Imaging Sciences III

Integrated modalities in the radiologic professions such as CT, MRI, SPECT/CT, PET/CT, PET/MRI, IMRT, 3D imaging, and teleradiology. Healthcare legal, regulatory, and ethical issues are also discussed. 

RIS 510 • RIS Research Methods & Data Analysis

Introduction to radiologic and imaging science research methods, data analysis, as well as current research trends and publications in the field. 

RIS 511 • Informatics in RIS

Introduction to Health Information Technology (HIT), Radiology Information Systems (RIS) and Picture Archive and Communication Systems (PACS). Includes basic information system technology as well as clinical and administrative applications of healthcare information systems in radiologic and imaging sciences. 

RIS 520 • Radiologic Management I

Introduction to principles of management with emphasis on its applications in radiologic and imaging department administration.  

RIS 521 • Radiologic Management II

Introduction to funding sources, accounting, and financial management as it applies to radiology and imaging administration 

RIS 522 • Clinical Practice Accreditation

Application for and maintenance of professional accreditation of clinical operations, i.e., ACR and IAC. Emphasis is on the role of the radiology administrator.  

RIS 530 • Pedagogy and Andragogy in RIS

Principles and practice of effective teaching, curriculum development and evaluation in healthcare education. 

RIS 531 • RIS Program Administration

Orientation to academic program directorship, faculty development, student affairs, academic affairs, the higher education system in the US, and how colleges and universities in the US work. Topics include scholarship, advisement, teaching, as well as faculty recruitment, retention, and development. 

RIS 532 • Academic Program Accreditation

An introduction to accreditation of radiologic and imaging sciences academic programs. Topics include outcome assessments, benchmarking, Self-Study preparation, applying for and maintaining accreditation, and accreditation site visits. 

RIS 590 • Practicum

Observing and applying discipline specific clinical, educational or managerial principles in a patient care or academic setting.  

RIS 597 • Directed Reading

Extensive reading in selected areas under the guidance of a faculty mentor. Restricted to majors. Repeatable course.

RIS 598 • Directed Research

Extensive research on a subject related to the student's area of concentration under the guidance of a faculty advisor. Restricted to majors. Repeatable course.

RIS 599 • Capstone Project

A radiologic science related, practical project proposed by the student and approved by the advisor. 

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