Frequently Asked Questions

When will I know which summer course to take?

Once you submit your Intent to Enroll, you will be prompt to register for the New Student Orientation (NSO) and complete the Directed Self Placement (DSP). When you attend NSO, an Advising team will assist you with registering in the appropriate Summer courses.

What are categories?

Categories are determined by multiple measures such as Standardized Test, High School GPA, High School Math GPA, and High School/College coursework. In addition, the University uses a student’s declared major and self-disclosed information for category placement.

A category placement is used to determine which Math and/or English course you will take during the Summer and Fall semesters. For more information on determining your category, please refer to the California State University website.

What test scores do you look at to determine category placement?

Category placement is determined by multiple measures such as Standardized Test, Highs School GPA, High School Math GPA, and High School/College coursework. In addition, the University uses a student’s declared major and self-disclosed information for category placement.

The Standardized Test that are used to determine category levels are (but not limited to) CAASPP/EAP, ACT, SAT, AP, IB, and CLEP.

For more information on category placement, please refer to the following link:


How can I take an Early Start course?

If your category level places you into an Early Start course, you will be able to complete Early Start in the Summer 2019 by participating in the Summer Bridge Program.

What happens if I don’t complete Early Start?

We strongly encourage you to participate in Early Start to begin your path to completing General Education English and/or Math courses in the Summer. Early Start allows you to earn college credit prior to starting classes in the Fall semester. In addition, the program helps you find your place at CSUDH, develop academically, improve your self-management, and develop your critical thinking skills. You will have the chance to engage in career planning and major/career exploration.

If you are unable to complete this program, then you will start the Fall semester without having attempted any coursework and lose the experience of getting an Early Start.  

How much does Early Start cost?

Early Start is covered by the University. This coverage is subject to change, based on approved fee increases. Campus parking and materials are not covered by this fee.

When and where can I meet my Early Start requirements?

If you have been admitted to CSUDH for Fall 2019 and your category level determines you need Early Start, then you will be able to meet the requirement by participating in Summer Bridge Program. We strongly encourage you to complete your Early Start at CSUDH so you may fulfil your Dominguez Hills First Year Experience (DHFYE).

You may also complete Early Start courses at another CSU Campus. A list of courses for each CSU campus will be available in mid-March at www.csusuccess.org/earlystart/.

If you are interested in staying on the CSUDH campus while participating in Early Start and Summer Bridge, you may apply from June 6th-June 16th.  The cost for Summer Bridge Housing (6 weeks) will be $700.  For more information, please feel free to contact Susie Lopez-Benitez at smlopez@csudh.edu 

What is the Dominguez Hills First Year Experience and Summer Bridge?

Dominguez Hills First Year Experience (DHFYE) is a high-impact program that focuses on helping first-time freshmen adjust to university life. This practice sets the foundation for a collegiate experience full of academic opportunity and personal growth. You will be able to fulfill course requirements and receive supplemental instruction to ensure early academic success in key courses. DHFYE strives to build a community of engaged student learners who value academic excellence, intellectual and personal development.  For more information, click here.

Summer Bridge is a six-week program that consists of academic courses and college knowledge workshops that provide students the opportunity to develop study skills, network with peers and faculty, and connect to campus resources. Students are able to receive credit for Early Start by completing a math and/or an English course during the summer. The program runs from Monday, June 24th through Friday, August 2nd.

How do I sign up for Early Start?

1. Submit your Intent to Enroll and pay deposit of $125 by May 1st.

2. Sign up for New Student Orientation (NSO) and pay registration fee of $99 by May 1st.

3. Attend the Mandatory New Student Orientation (NSO), where you will be able to enroll in your summer Early Start courses.

 Step by Step Guide on how to submit an Intent to Enroll Deposit & Register for NSO: https://www.csudh.edu/Assets/csudh-sites/future-students/docs/guides/I2EGuide.pdf

 If you have any questions about Early Start? Contact Susie Lopez-Benitez, Student Retention and Success Support staff, by email at smlopez@csudh.edu or phone (310) 243-2286.