Graduation Evaluation

Bachelor's Degree Candidates

Please use the catalog under which you were admitted for all requirements.

An updated list of approved courses satisfying all components of the program is printed in the Class Schedule and in the University Catalog. First–time freshmen must meet the requirements of the General Studies program. Transfer students who have remained in continuous attendance at a campus of the CSU or the California Community Colleges since 1980–81 have the option of choosing this program or the General Education Program described in catalogs prior to 1980-81.

Certification of Lower Division General Education/Studies Requirements

Accredited postsecondary colleges and universities offering the B.A. or B.S., or the first two years of such degree programs, may certify partial completion of the lower division General Studies requirements according to procedures specified in CSU Executive Order 342. CSUDH will accept a maximum of 40 semester or 60 quarter units toward our General Studies program. An additional nine semester units of upper division General Studies courses must be completed at CSUDH. (See the "General Studies" section of the catalog.)

Graduate Degree Candidates

Please use the catalog under which you were admitted for all requirements.

Requirements for the Minor

Please use the catalog under which you were admitted for all requirements.

Students who select a major in one of the Single Fields Majors are not required to complete a minor toward completion of the degree.

Minimum Unit Requirements

Bachelor's Degrees

  • A minimum of 120 semester units is required for the bachelor's degree. Students earning a B.S. degree may be required to take up to 132 semester units. A maximum of 24 semester units earned through extension, correspondence, and the United States Armed Forces Institute (USAFI) may be accepted toward a bachelor's degree.
  • A minimum of 40 semester units of upper division credit must be completed.
  • A minimum of 30 semester units must be completed in residence at CSUDH.
  • At least 24 of the 30 units must be upper division.
  • At least 12 of the 24 upper-division units must be in your major, and for a declared minor, at least half of all upper division units must be completed at CSUDH.
  • At least 9 units of General Studies must be completed at CSUDH.

Graduate Degrees

  • A minimum of 30 approved semester units, or more, as required by the particular program.
  • A minimum of 21 semester units in residence after admission to the program offering the degree.
  • Only upper division and graduate level courses can be used.
  • Not less than one-half of the total units in graduate (500 level) courses.
  • Not more than nine semester units of 500 level courses taken prior to admission to conditionally classified or classified status.
  • Not more that six units for a thesis or project.
  • Not more than six units for independent study.