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A student not admitted to, nor enrolled in, the University must file a Statement of Residence prior to auditing a course. A residence determination must be made so that appropriate fees may be charged. Auditors must pay the same fees as would be charged if the courses were taken for credit.

A student who wishes to audit a course must obtain the approval of the instructor on the Approval for Audit Form [PDF], which is also available in the Office of Admissions & Records. The approval may not be obtained prior to the first day of instruction. Enrollment as an auditor is subject to the approval of the instructor. A student registered as an auditor may be required to participate in any or all classroom activities at the discretion of the instructor.

A student who is enrolled for credit may not change to audit after the end of the add/drop period. Credit for courses audited will not subsequently be granted on the basis of the audit. An audited course should be taken into consideration when planning a program so that the study load will not be excessive. The symbol "AU" will appear on the student's record for audited courses.