Complete Term Withdrawal

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Official withdrawal is necessary if a student leaves the University at any time after registration and does not intend to complete the semester. Please Note: A student who does not officially withdraw shall receive "F", "WU", or "NC" grades for all registered courses.

Filing Dates and Instructions

Weeks 1 through the end of the add/drop periodIf a student needs to drop all courses enrolled in for a term, he or she may do so online at My.CSUDH before the term begins and during the first three weeks of the semester. They may also submit a Change of Program Form [PDF] which must include all of the courses they intend to drop. No signature required. The academic record shows withdrawal but does not indicate specific course. NOTE: Drops in the 4th week can only be done via a Change of Program Form [PDF].
Census through Week 11Drops during this period must be for serious and compelling reasons. Signature of instructor and Department Chairperson is required. A grade of "W" will be assigned for all courses. No refund of the State University Fees allowed. Prorated tuition refund in accordance with refund table in current Schedule of Classes. Starting in the Fall 2009 semester, students can withdraw from only 18 units (typically 4-6 classes) during the course of their studies at CSUDH. After that, any courses not completed will result in a failing grade. This limit applies to course withdrawals during week 4 through 11. Any withdrawals taken before the Fall 2009 term do not count toward the 18-unit limit.
Weeks 12 through 15Drops during this period must be for serious accident or illness. Documentation may be required. An explanation of the reason for the drop must be included on the Change of Program form. Signature of instructor, Department Chairperson and School Dean is required. A grade of "W" will be assigned for all courses. No refund of fees or tuition is allowed. Qualified withdrawals during this period will not count against 18-unit limit.

Planned Educational Leave

If you are planning to take off more than one semester, you should apply for a planned educational leave (before you break enrollment) to protect your catalog rights and continuing student status.

More information on Changing of Programs (add/drops).