Credit/No Credit

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A student may elect to be graded on a "CR/NC" basis in a course that has another grade basis such as "A-F". A Credit/No Credit Grading Option Form [PDF] must be completed.


No more than 24 units graded "CR/NC", whether taken at this or another institution, may be offered in satisfaction of the total units required for a bachelor's degree. If 24 units graded "CR/NC" are accepted in transfer, no additional courses graded "CR/NC" may be used to satisfy degree requirements, except when a required course is graded solely on a "CR/NC" basis. Any credits earned through College Level Examination Program (CLEP) tests are exempt from the 24 credit maximum at the time of score reporting. However, should these credits place the student above 24 total "CR/NC" units, no additional credit/no credit units may be counted toward graduation.

Selection of the grading basis ("A-F" for "CR/NC") is made beginning the first week of classes through the end of the add/drop period. Courses used to satisfy a major or which are prerequisites to it, must be taken for a letter grade.

Graduate Level Students

"CR/NC" grades may be allowed in courses numbered below 500 which will not be used to satisfy the requirements of a graduate degree program.

For additional information regarding Credit/No Credit, please see the University Catalog.