Incomplete Grade


A grade of "Incomplete" may be assigned if a student is unable to complete a definable portion of course work and indicates that there is still a possibility of credit upon completion of this work.

Normally, the student is responsible for applying for an "Incomplete" grade and for obtaining instructor approval for the assignment of this grade. In exceptional circumstances, the assignment of the "Incomplete" may be initiated by the instructor. For each "Incomplete" grade assigned, the instructor will submit the Incomplete contract through their "Faculty Center" 

The student is responsible for contacting the instructor regarding the provisions for completion of course work. If the instructor of record will be unavailable when the work is to be completed, department chair approval must be obtained before the instructor assigns a grade of "Incomplete." This approval will indicate that the department has made provisions for assuring that the student's work will be graded and that a Change of Grade form will be submitted to the Office of Admissions and Records.

A definitive grade for the term is recorded when the work has been completed and a Change of Grade form submitted by the instructor (or department chair, as noted above). An "Incomplete" grade will be automatically recorded as an "IC" (if the course was taken for credit) or "NC" (if the course was taken for credit/no credit) if the work is not completed and a Change of Grade form submitted within an academic year. "IC" is counted as a failing grade for grade point average and progress point computations.

Faculty who wish to extend the original time limit up to a maximum of one additional year may do so by filing the appropriate form with the Registrar.

Students who have received an "Incomplete" may not enroll for that course again until the "Incomplete" grade has been fulfilled. Students who have already registered for a course for which they have received an "Incomplete" will be dropped from that course.

Change of Grade forms for removal of "Incomplete" grades in courses required for graduation must be submitted by instructor or department by the last day of the semester or session of anticipated graduation. Change of Grade forms are available in academic departmental offices.

No grades can be changed for any reason after a degree has been granted.