Repeat and Cancel

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The Repeat and Cancel policy may be used only by students working toward a baccalaureate degree. It may not be used by graduate/postbaccalaureate students working on master's degrees, graduate certificates, or teaching credentials, or by unclassified postbaccalaureate students, even when they might take undergraduate courses.

  1. In the case of a repeated course, the subsequent grade is substituted for the earlier one in the computation of units attempted and grade point average. The previous course grade(s) remain(s) on the record, but is/are annotated as being discounted from grade point average calculations.
  2. Repeat and Cancel may only be used on courses taken at CSUDH and repeated at CSUDH through open university, regular university, or special sessions.
  3. Repeat and Cancel may be used for no more than 16 semester units taken at CSUDH during the entire undergraduate degree program. For most students, this means they can only repeat three to four courses. An undergraduate student with extenuating circumstances that needs to repeat a course but has already reached the 16 semester unit limit may petition using the Exception to Academic Policy for Repetition of Courses Form [PDF]. Note: Any courses repeated and canceled before the Fall 2009 term do not count toward the 16-unit limit. 
  4. Repeat and Cancel may be used only on grades of "WU," "F," "D," "D+," "C-," "IC."
  5. Undergraduate students may be permitted to repeat an additional 12 units, i.e. units in addition to the 16 units for which grade forgiveness is permitted. In such instances the repeat grade shall not replace the original grade, instead, both grades shall be calculated into the student's overall grade-point average.
  6. Undergraduate students may repeat an individual course for grade forgiveness no more than two times. Students with extenuating circumstances may request to repeat a course more than once if the student fails to achieve an A, B, C, or CR in the second attempt by using the Exception to Academic Policy for Repetition of Courses Form [PDF]. In such cases, the additional repeat will not result in the forgiveness of a prior grade and all attempts will be used in GPA calculation. 
  7. Students must complete a Notice of Repeated Course Form [PDF] for each course repeated that meets all Repeat and Cancel policy guidelines if the original course was taken prior to Fall 2008, or if they wish to select which eligible courses are to be excluded from the grade point average computation.
  8. A grade entered as a result of the student disciplinary procedures under Executive Order No. 1043 cannot be cancelled and will be included in the grade point average.
  9. Graduate and post baccalaureate students may repeat courses; however, the two grades will be averaged into the total grade point average. Credit for the courses will be granted only once and courses may be repeated only once.