Check for Holds

Check for Holds

What is a Hold?

A hold is a code placed on your record that can prevent registration.

How Do I Know if I Have a Hold on My Student Record?

Any holds you may have will appear in your My.CSUDH account. Login to and click on the Student Center tab. You will see holds on the mail page, and can click on the details to find out contact information and other details. All holds do not prevent registration. If you have a hold that prevents registration, it must be cleared and removed before you can register for classes

Advising Holds

Advising is required for students in certain majors. If this is the case, you'll see an advising hold on your account. You'll need to meet with an advisor in your major in order to clear the advising hold and proceed with registration.

Students in majors requiring advising will be mailed letters from the department informing them of advising dates and times. It is important to seek advising during the designated advising period and as early as possible. Do not wait until just prior to your registration appointment time, because advisors may not be available. If you are in the process of changing your major, you should meet with an advisor in your new department.

A list of department contacts can be found in the online Class Schedule. Call and make an appointment with the University Advisement Center.

Other Holds

If you are notified of a hold on your account, you should work to clear it immediately. Please do not wait until your registration appointment time. Contact information is always provided when a hold is placed on your record. Review the details of the hold on My.CSUDH and contact the office that is responsible for clearing the hold.