Plan Your Class Schedule

Plan Your Class Schedule

Do Your Homework

Review the University Catalog

The University Catalog lists courses required for your major, minor, and general education requirements. Course descriptions and course requisites are provided. The University Catalog is available online.

Run a Degree Audit

Use to run your degree audit and determine which courses you need to graduate. Print out this report and take it when you meet with your advisor.

Know Your Requisites

Many classes require that you meet certain requisites before you are allowed to enroll. You may require department consent, a certain test score on your EPT/ELM, a prerequisite(s) to the class, or to be a certain class level before you can take the class. If you have met these requisites here at CSUDH, you should have no problem enrolling in the class. If you have met these requisites at another institution or have not met the requisites at all, you should contact the department for a Permission Number (PN) to enroll in the class.

Check Your Major

Enrollment in some courses is restricted to students in specific majors and concentrations/options. If the major information on your registration appointment email is incorrect, file a Change of Major/Minor Form immediately, well in advance of your registration appointment. You may contact the department concerned if you wish to register for a class restricted to specific majors.

Department Consent Required

Some classes require department consent before you can enroll. If consent is given, the department will issue you a Permission Number (PN) to enroll in the class. Classes that require departmental consent have footnote 12.

Meet with an Advisor

For General Education advising, contact the University Advisement Center. To meet with an advisor in your major, call the department to make an appointment. A list of department contacts can be found in the Class Schedule.

Use Smart Planner

After meeting with your advisor, use Smart Planner to track the courses you plan to take for the future. Start charting your path to graduation!

Select Your Classes

Review the Class Schedule

The Class Schedule indicates the time, date, location, and instructor of classes being offered for a particular term.

Want real-time, updated course information? Log onto your account and get the most up-to-date information on open courses, courses with waitlists, newly offered sections, course changes, and enrollment limits.

Have a Backup Plan

Have alternates in mind in case your class is cancelled or fills quickly. You may add yourself to a waitlist if a class is full. You may register for up to 18 units during registration without approval. You cannot exceed the maximum units until the Late Registration/Change of Program period, and you must obtain approval from your advisor to exceed 18 units. If you wish to exceed 21 units, you must also obtain the approval of your dean of your major.