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Program Description

RISE Scholar- Kumar Tiger

The goal of our RISE Program at California State University, Dominguez Hills is to infuse a biomedical research culture into the science departments at CSUDH thereby making biomedical research an important component of research culture into our institution. This grant funds 14 undergraduate research assistant positions. On admission to the program, RISE students are integrated as research assistants into active research laboratories at CSUDH, The Lundquist Institute (formerly LABiomed), and Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science. Students select a research mentor who will establish a nature and scope of the research project best suited to the student's level and interests. The opportunity to participate in active research gives RISE students an edge in establishing successful scientific careers.

The Program provides funds for developmental activities that are designed to accomplish our objective. Our overall goal is to increase the interest, skills, and competitiveness of students in pursuit of research careers and improve laboratory experiences for students. We are geared towards creating a sense of community among our biomedical researchers that will carry from the classroom to the research laboratory.