CSUDH Vehicle Request

CSUDH Vehicle Request Instructions

This vehicle request process form has been developed for the convenience of faculty and staff that would like to use a 12-passenger university van. In order for an individual or group to obtain a vehicle, they will need to follow and complete the three-step process listed below. If an individual or group has a question regarding the process listed below, please contact Melanie Molina at (310) 243-3523 (office), (310) 710-8968 (cell) or email at vanrental@csudh.edu.

Step 1 - Vehicle Use Request:

A formal written request must be made in writing at least two (2) weeks prior to the scheduled date of departure. When submitting your request, please include the following items in an email to vanrental@csudh.edu.

  • Date and time of vehicle departure and return
  • Driver(s) name
  • Trip destination(s) with mile approximation
  • Number of vehicles requested
  • Number of passengers that will be traveling in each van
  • Department billing information (account, fund, department ID, and program)

If your request does not include the required information, your request will be deemed incomplete and could possible result in a forfeiture of the dates requested.

Step 2 - Driver Requirements:

Defensive Drivers Training

  • Driver must have completed online driver's training within the last four (4) years. If defensive driver's training is outdated or has not been completed, drivers will need to complete online training prior to driving a university van. 

  • State employees can complete the online training through CSU Learn after it is assigned to them. Contact Human Resources to complete the required paperwork.

Drivers License Verification

Use of University and Private Vehicles Guideline

Step 3:  Additional Requirements

Release of Liability, Promise Not To Sue, Assumption of Risk, and Agreement to Pay Claims

  •  To avoid additional charges to your department, the van must be returned with a full tank of gas and in clean condition.