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Program Description

CSUDH Clear Induction Administrative Services Program is a Hybrid, individualized, job-embedded, two-year coaching program. The program consists of individual coaching and professional learning (a minimum of 20-30 hours of coaching per semester and 20-30 hours of professional learning per semester).


Each candidate will continuously work throughout the year with his/her coach to complete the requirements of the program. The candidate will develop an Individualized Induction Plan based on district requirements, candidate’s growth needs, and the credential standards (CPSELs).


CTC Administrative Information [PDF]


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Prerequisites to the Clear Induction Program and earning a Clear Induction Administrative Services Credential

Professional Clear Induction Administrative Services Credential candidate shall, prior to admission to the program, be employed full-time in a position requiring an administrative credential. Statutory basis: Education Code Section 44270.

Professional Clear Induction Administrative Services Credential candidate, prior to admission to the credential program, possess a valid Preliminary Administrative Services Credential.

1. All interested in registering must first submit the following:

If interested please email Ruben Caputo to be included in the email list. 

2. Registration through Extended Education & Candidate Overview Checklist

Registration: Clear Induction Administrative Services Credential Program Overview and Checklist

Students must register for the offering course. Students must be fully paid to attend the first orientation meeting.  To register please follow instructions found in Extended Education Registration subpage.


Program Overview

Clear Induction Administrative Services Credential (CIASC) (Previously the Tier II Credential)

The new credential program requires collaboration with a certified coach, professional learning outlined in an Individual Induction Plan (IIP), and demonstration of competence in all six of the California Professional Standard for Educational Leaders (CPSEL). California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (click here to view changes



Image illustrates the student hybrid format for learning in the
Clear Induction Administrative Services Credential program. 



Clear Admin Program Overview


Minimum Requirements

  1. Activated Preliminary Administrative Services Credential 

  2. Currently in an Administrative position 



The major purpose of the CSUDH professional level program is to provide for support, mentoring and assistance designed to contribute to the success of the new administrator. The emphasis of the CSUDH professional level preparation is to move the administrator beyond the functional aspects of performing administrative service to reflective thinking about his or her role in providing an environment for effective and creative teaching, and student success in learning. Each candidate's professional development at the professional level is guided by an individualized induction plan, which is based on an assessment of the new administrator's needs. The plan includes a mentoring component, and may include both academic requirements and other requirements that could include non-university activities.

The design of the program is based on a sound rationale informed by the principles of various learning theories and research aligned with the curriculum content in CTC’s Standards of Quality and Effectiveness for Administrative Services Credential, January 2004. The program is designed to provide extensive opportunities for candidates to learn and apply those theories and includes both formative and summative assessments.

Course syllabi are developed using an agreed upon protocol including clearly defined learner outcomes, instructional strategies determined by the learner outcomes, formative and summative assessments, resources that support the learning theory, and meaningful practice and field experiences. The program is designed to prepare school leaders to confront issues of equity, achievement gaps, scarce resources, hard to staff schools, and under performing teachers and staff and to lead in ways that positively impact teaching and learning, school culture, and community involvement.

Candidates may choose to demonstrate competency in any of the six CPSELs whenever they judge their advance level of competency has been obtained. 

The program consists of three phases

1) Initial Assessment and development of the candidate’s Individual Induction Plan (IIP) (SLP 580:Clear Induction; Pre-Assessment).

2) The IIP is used as a guide to the candidate as he/she becomes professionally competent as per the outcomes of each of the six thematic areas. (SLP 581:Clear Induction Administrative Practice, Six CPSELs) – this is a repeatable course until all six CPSELs and competencies have been mastered). Generally candidates take two semesters of this course. Candidates participate in university and non-university sponsored learning activities as specified in their IIP. Assessment of competencies can occur at any point in the program.

3) Summative Assessment (SLP 582:Clear Induction; Post-Assessment)

Leading for Equity Framework_with 10 leadership tenants

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Required Courses (14 units)

SLP 580: Clear Induction; Pre-Assessment (2 units; repeatable) 

SLP 581: Clear Induction Administrative Practice: Six CPSELs (3 units ; repeatable) 

SLP 582: Clear Induction; Post-Assessment (2 units ; repeatable) 

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