Preliminary Administrative Services Credential

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Program Overview:

The CSUDH new Preliminary Administrative Services Credential program has been approved by the CCTC.

CSUDH offers an Internship Program for candidates who must earn their Preliminary Administrative Service Credential while serving in an administrative capacity. The Preliminary Administrative Services Credential program meets the Standards of Quality and Effectiveness for Preliminary Administrative Services Credential Programs as required by the CCTC.

This program prepares you to excel in performing responsibilities of entry-level school administrative positions. The program content includes both knowledge and practice components designed to meet the needs of urban schools both today and in the future. Our program emphasizes preparation of administrators to be instructional leaders.

Upon completing the program, candidates will receive CSUDH’s recommendation and will submit an application and fee to the CCTC for a Certificate of Eligibility for the Preliminary Administrative Services Credential. This certificate authorizes the candidate to seek initial employment as an administrator, but does not authorize on-going administrative service. Once employed in an administrative position, the candidate is eligible for the Preliminary Administrative Services Credential (Tier I). When an administrative position is obtained, an application must be filed with the CCTC, and the Preliminary Administrative Services Credential (Tier I) authorizing service as an administrator will be issued.



Image illustrates the student choice in an online or hybrid format for learning in
the Preliminary Induction Administrative Services Credential program.




Program Design

Innovative. Flexible. Expedient.

The CSUDH program is designed to deliver course material through three interrelated formats--face-to-face, fieldwork, and technology, each utilizing multi-media technologies.

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50% Traditional Classes

The six core classes are structured in 5-week modules with each course meeting formally one evening a week for 5.5 hour sessions (4:15 p.m. to 9:45 p.m.). Additional traditional classroom sessions may be required based on the instructor’s needs and determination. Approximately two Saturdays a semester are required for the fieldwork and assessment seminars.

25% Online, Distance Learning:

Web-based discussion, self-reflection based on extensive professional reading, and research activities have been designed to support the face-to-face and fieldwork components of the program. SLP students are expected to be competent in technology skills due to the program’s high-level technology components. Essential skills include basic word processing programs, spreadsheet programs, presentation programs, and on-line chat rooms and discussion boards.

25% Fieldwork:

This component of the program involves candidates in a leadership project, the field-based project, that integrates with both the traditional classroom and on-line components of the program. The field-based project culminating activity is a multi-mediated presentation presented at the end of the program.


Leading for Equity Framework_with 10 leadership tenants

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Required Courses (26 units):



SLP 551 Visionary Leadership (3 units)

SLP 552 Instructional Leadership: Teaching and Learning (3 units)

SLP 556 Political, Social, Economic, Legal and Cultural Leadership (3 units)

SLP 550 Preliminary Leadership (2 units)

SLP 560 Fieldwork (2 units)


SLP 553 Organizational Leadership and Resource Management (3)

SLP 554 Collaborative and Responsive Leadership for All Students (3)

SLP 555 Ethical Leadership (3)

SLP 557 Assessment, Preliminary Leadership (2)

SLP 561 Fieldwork (2 units)


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For up-to-date costs, please see the University Catalog.


Credential students take 13 units in fall and again in the spring to complete their credential requirements. Six units can then be taken while in the credential program, in the following summer or subsequent fall to complete the master degree requirements.

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