Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Undergraduate Mission Statement

The mission of the CSUDH Sociology Program is to provide high quality instruction which enables students to work in the socially diverse world.  The department stresses the development of technological, critical thinking and writing skills as well as provides instruction in areas such as: theory, criminology, visual sociology, family, globalization, research methods, and community fieldwork.

The Sociology Program is guided by the philosophy of "Sociology in Service to Community" which means a commitment to social justice and to collaborating with community organizations and civic groups to help address complex and diverse social issues.  The program provides student with marketable tools needed to work in a broad range of professional, community settings in addition to preparing students for graduate school.

Graduate Mission Statement

The mission of the Sociology Graduate Program is to provide high quality instruction to produce professionals with the capacity to integrate sociological theory and methods, enabling students to professionally apply the tools of social analysis to a broad spectrum of community situations.