Pathway Program to MSN

Master of Science in Nursing Pathway Program

The Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) Pathway program, offered by the School of Nursing at California State University Dominguez Hills (CSUDH) is designed for Registered Nurses (RNs) who hold a bachelor’s degree in another field. Select BSN courses are required to bridge to the Master of Science Degree (MSN). Students obtain the MSN upon completion of the BSN and MSN courses required for the role option. A Bachelor of Science  in Nursing (BSN) is not conferred in this program.

RNs or nursing students nearing completion of the RN program must participate in a MSN Pathway Workshop via Zoom video conferencing.  The Pathway advisor will review the transcripts to note whether all CSU admission requirements have been satisfied and to determine which BSN courses are required to bridge to the MSN. It is preferable to attend the workshop before applying for admission to the university.

The BSN courses needed to bridge to the MSN include the following (or equivalent):

  • BSN 346 Pathophysiology (3 units)
  • BSN 380/381 Health assessment (4 units)
  • BSN 422/423 Community based nursing (5 units)
  • BSN 450/451 Principles of leadership/management in nursing (5 units)
  • BSN 460 Nursing research utilization (3 units)

The MSN Pathway advisor will review your transcripts prior to the workshop to determine whether any of the above courses can be waived on the basis of prior equivalent coursework or work experience as a registered nurse.

MSN Pathway Program Workshop

  1. Obtain copies of all your transcripts including prior BA/BS, nursing, prerequisites and general education coursework and graduate coursework, if applicable.
  2. Submit the following in one single envelope at least two weeks before the workshop:
    1. Workshop Registration Form [PDF]  (If not a current student, use 000-000-000 for student ID)
    2. $50.00 payment to be paid electronically - Pay the fee through ToroPay
    3. A copy of unofficial transcripts from all schools attended; if you attended a foreign school please provide an evaluation of your transcripts.
    4. Current resume or curriculum vitae (CV)
    5. You may submit required material through email at or mail it to: 

      California State University Dominguez Hills

      School of Nursing- Welch Hall 320

      1000 E. Victoria St.

      Carson, CA 90747

  3.  Obtain course descriptions for content areas not clearly identified by course title.
  4. Attend the MSN Pathway Workshop
  5. Apply for admission to the university

  • Saturday 10/5/2019 4:00pm - 6:00pm via zoom web-conferencing
  • Wednesday 11/13/2019 7:00pm - 9:00pm via zoom web-conferencing
  • Saturday 1/18/2020 7:00pm - 9:00 pm via zoom web-conferencing

For more information about the workshops, please


In order to be admitted to CSUDH, you need to have completed the following courses:

  1. Anatomy with lab
  2. Physiology with lab
  3. Microbiology
  4. Chemistry
  5. English composition
  6. Oral Communication (speech, public speaking)
  7. Statistics
  8. Critical thinking (logic or reasoning)

In order to be admitted into the MSN program via the MSN Pathway Program, you need the following;

  1. Current and clear licensure as a Registered Nurse
  2. Minimum 3.0 grade point average based on the last 60 semester or 90 quarter units at the baccalaureate level.
  3. BA/BS degree from an accredited university


Visit Cal State Apply (Video tutorial on how to apply) to apply after advisement. Cal State Apply Applicant Help Center

Open University Application Instructions*

The School of Nursing (SON) will begin taking Summer semester applications for Open U* on Tuesday, May 1st, 2018.

  • The Open U form is a fillable form and will be accessible Here (Will be available December 2018)
  • Be sure to include the reason you are applying for the course(s)
    • MSN Pathway
    • Admitted to RN-BSN program for Fall 2018 and want to take courses prior to official start
    • Prerequisite for a program at another Cal State
    • School Nurse or Public Health Certificate
  • Completed application are submitted to the SON by uploading to

*Note:  This information does not apply to matriculated students.  Matriculated students need to register for classes through the student portal at

Additional Instructions for Registration for Clinical Courses (RN-BSN)

Steps to apply for BSN 423 or BSN 451 (clinical courses):

  1. Read the clinical handbook at and secure a preceptor/site as soon as possible
  2. Begin to work on clinical clearance by completing Castle Branch requirements
  3. Check to see if we have an affiliation agreement with your desired clinical site under the course name/number at
  4. Have a preceptor/clinical site secured prior to the start of the semester.
  5. If you have any question, you can contact


Program of study, application process, and time frame will be determined after individual advisement