Pre-BSN Plan

Pre-BSN Program

The Pre-BSN Program is specifically for students who have been accepted into an Associate’s Degree in Nursing (ADN) Program in California. Pre-BSN courses are offered in the summer term and ADN students may begin taking Pre-BSN courses the summer before starting their ADN program*. Pre-BSN students are not formally accepted to CSUDH, but attend classes through Extended Education. This does not guarantee admission to the RN to BSN Program. Students are encouraged to continue each Summer until they reach their last semester at which time they can fully enroll in the CSUDH RN-BSN Program, if all BSN Pre-requisites have been completed.

Once students begin the Pre-BSN Program they are enrolled in a cohort, intended to stay together, until they apply and are accepted into the RN-BSN Program. All classes are online using the Blackboard Learning Management System except Health Assessment which requires 2 days on campus and will not be until the third summer. There is a prescribed curriculum and at this time students are only allowed to take 2 classes (6 units) per summer. Tuition will be offered at a reduced rate. The goal of the Pre-BSN is that participants finish the RN-BSN degree within one year after graduating from their ADN Program.

Pre-BSN Enrollment Student Flyer and FAQ (Please note, if you have opened this file before, please refresh your browser or hit f5 as we have recently updated this flyer)

Pre-BSN Participation Agreement First Summer (Will open March 1, 2020)

Pre-BSN Participation Agreement Second Summer (Will open March 1, 2020)

Pre-BSN Participation Agreement Third Summer (Will open March 1, 2020)

* Students must have proof of acceptance into an ADN program in order to begin the Pre-BSN program.

TermExample Pre-BSN Study PlanTotal Units
Summer 1
  • BSN 302 Concepts of Professional Nursing Practice (3)
  • BSN 306 Cultural Diversity in Healthcare (3)#
Summer 2
  • BSN 346 Pathophysiology (3)#
  • BSN 307 Healthcare Informatics & Technology (3)
Summer 3
  • BSN 380 Health Assessment (3)**
  • BSN 381 Health Assessment Skills Lab (1)**
  • BSN 340 Professional Collaboration in Nursing Practice (3)
TermNursing CoursesTotal Units
  • BSN 400 Health Promotion and Teaching (3)
  • BSN 408 Gerontological Nursing Practice (3)
  • GWAR ENG 350 or GWE (0-3)
  • GE F1 HUM 310 Integrative Studies in the Humanities (3)
  • BSN 450 Principles of Leadership & Management in Nursing (3)
  • BSN 451 Leadership/Management Role Performance (2)
  • BSN 430 Healthcare Systems, Policy & finance (3)
  • BSN 422 Community Based Nursing (3)
  • BSN 423 Community Based Nursing Role Performance (2)
  • BSN 460 Nursing Research Utilization (3)
  • NCLEX Credits

BSN 306 and 346 can be completed via a Challenge Exam. The Challenge Exam Information Sheet [Word] will provide you with more details. 

** Students must take BSN 380 prior or concurrently with BSN 381-- a Performance Course and as such, requires clinical performance. BSN 381 Health Assessment Skills Seminar takes place either on campus or at a location identified one weekend during the semester. Attendance is required.

 Performance courses (423& 451) occur in a clinical field setting and involve a clinical preceptor as well as the course instructor. Theory and clinical courses need to be taken in the same semester. All performance courses have TBA (to-be-assigned) dates and hours in addition to those listed in the class schedule. Refer to the course syllabus and the BSN Clinical Handbook [PDF] for more specific information.

NOTE: BRN approved but not regionally accredited programs

  • American Career College
  • Brightwood College
  • CNI College
  • Glendale Career College
  • Stanbridge College
  • Unitek College
  • Weimar Institute