Academic Program Committee

Focus Areas

  • Degree-granting academic programs
  • Propective student demand trends and projections (by program)
  • Occupation and employer trends and projections
  • Competitor program strengths, weaknesses, and voids
  • Program demand trends and new program opportunities
  • Quality educational experiences and outcomes
  • Job and graduate school placement
  • Exemplar programs (from enrollment, placement, and outcomes perspectives)
  • Program pathways, curricular processes, and their effectiveness
  • Course and program bottlenecks and efficiencies
  • Faculty-student ratios

Committee Members

  • Chair/Vice Provost: Ken O'Donnell
  • Deans: Mitch Avila, Joseph Wen, Philip LaPolt
  • Senate Chair: Laura Talamante
  • First Year Experience Representative: Keisha Paxton
  • SLICE Representative: Cheryl McKnight
  • Interim Associate Director of Career Center: Brenda Mendez
  • Faculty Development Center: Kara Dellacioppa
  • Supplemental Instruction Representative: Maruth Figueroa
  • Curriculum Chair: John Wilkins
  • Academic Programs: Tracey Haney
  • Scheduling and Facilities: Yvette Nava
  • Department Chair: Kim Radmacher
  • Data Representative: Natalie Alarcon
  • ASI Representative: ASI AA Rep.