Finance & Financial Aid Committee

Focus Areas

  • Pricing: tuition, fees, and cost of attendance
  • Student ability to pay
  • Financial literacy
  • Payment plans
  • Default management
  • Financial aid systems and processes
  • Program costs to support the UG
  • Academic Program, Graduate Programs, and Student Success workgroups
  • Gross and net operating revenues
  • Auxilliary review streams
  • Institutional financial health

Committee Members

  • AVP of Administration and Finance (chair): Arnold Henning
  • Director of Financial Aid: Delores Lee
  • Director of Accounting Services: Cecilia Patz
  • Faculty: Kate Fawver, Bin Tang
  • CEIE Resource Manager: Edward Cleek
  • University Budget Officer: Homaira Masound
  • Foundation: Andre Khachaturians
  • Manager of Student Financial Services: Zia Qureshi
  • ARM: Lauren Ansorge
  • Data Representative: Connie Chambers
  • ASI Representative: Caithlyn Torres