Recruitment Committee

Recruitment Committee Slide

Focus Areas

  • Communication & outreach strategies and practices (including comm flow)

  • Competitive Landscape

  • Community engagement, services & outreach

  • Enrollment Funnel metrics

  • Cohort shaping and characteristics

  • Application and admissions structures, processes, policies, and practices

  • Recruitment & admissions processes & system


Committee Members

AVP of Enrollment Management – Chair: Brandy McLelland

Director of Admissions: Michelle Taylor

Director of Outreach: Christina Rios

Associate Dean: Tim Caron

International Outreach: Emiko Kawashima

Associate FA Director: Angela Provencio

CBAPP Graduate Outreach: Nicole Girdwain

Director of STEM: Kamal Hamdan

Director of Athletics: Jeff Falkner

Director of Ed Partnerships: Matt Smith

Faculty: Gillian Fischer and Andrea Johnson

Data Representative: Pete VanHamersveld