Toro Hour

What is Toro Hour?

CSUDH is deeply committed to help you thrive on campus and build a pathway to your employment after college. Your involvement can help build friendships, support, skills, resources, knowledge and a stronger sense of belonging. This hour is about YOU.   

Toro Hour is 75 minutes twice a week prioritized for you to connect to other students and the university. Within this timeframe, there are very limited classes scheduled.

Toro Hour is a prioritized time for you to attend events or connect to various departments like Associated Students, Inc (ASI), student clubs and organizations, Career Development Center, Resource Centers, Basic Needs, Student Health Center, Study Abroad Program, and/or academic advising.

When is Toro Hour?

Fall 2022

Every Tuesday            2:30 pm – 3:45 pm

Every Thursday          2:30 pm – 3:45 pm

Why is Toro Hour Important?

CSUDH offers a spectrum of opportunities to support your success in college and prepare you for your career.  These opportunities can help you do the following

  • explore various academic, career, interest, service, leadership and social clubs and organizations
  • get involved with Associated Students, Inc, your student government
  • learn about fraternities and sororities
  • meet your academic professors and counselors
  • discover possible internships, jobs and career opportunities at the Career Development Center
  • build skills and experience that enhance your resume
  • use academic resources and support like a tutoring session at TLC or an appointment at the Writing Center
  • utilize wellness services at the Student Health Center and Student Psychological Services
  • walk around the Farmer’s Market every Tuesday for fresh farm produce, prepared food, use EBT credit and visit the CalFresh Booth

Where can I find CSUDH Student Events?

Toro Link is a CSUDH campus-wide platform for all current students, faculty members and staff.  You can log-in at using your campus username and password.

How Can I Find Toro Hour Events?

You can search Toro Link Events “Categories” for “Toro Hour Event”

Toro Hour - How to find events

Toro Hour Examples

  • Academic support programs and events
  • Academic showcases and speakers
  • Affinity and resource center activities and workshops
  • Alumni events and networking opportunities
  • Art displays and performances
  • Associated Students, Inc (ASI) tabling, events, and commission meetings
  • Basic Needs information and distribution activities
  • Campus-wide events including Welcome Week and Homecoming
  • Career Development Center opportunities, fairs and workshops
  • Community engagement and service-learning workshops
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) presentations and activities
  • Faculty office hours
  • Farmers Market
  • Financial Aid workshops and presentations
  • Fraternity and sorority meetings, events and activities
  • Health and fitness opportunities
  • Leadership development and training
  • Library activities and workshops
  • Open Houses
  • Research and scholarly presentations
  • Student Assistant development and training
  • Student club and organization meetings, activities, tabling and outreach
  • Study abroad
  • Study groups
  • Tabling and outreach
  • Tutoring and academic skills activities
  • Wellness activities and programs
  • Writing labs and support programs

For CSUDH department staff

Why should we schedule events during Toro Hour?

Scheduling events, meetings, and activities during Toro Hour increases the likelihood that students can attend your event or meeting.

Where can I learn more about Toro Link?
How Can I Tag My Event?