Smoking Policy

PM 04-02 (Supersedes PM 99-04, Section 6)

California State University, Dominguez Hills (CSUDH) has a responsibility to its students and employees to provide a safe and healthful learning and working environment. The University recognizes the harmful effects of involuntary contact with smoke. It also recognizes the need to preserve the reasonable individual rights of smokers as long as doing so does not interfere with the right of the non-smoker to a smoke-free environment.

Areas Where Smoking is Prohibited

Therefore, it is the policy of CSUDH to prohibit smoking in campus buildings and certain other areas of the campus where non-smokers cannot avoid exposure to smoke. Specifically, smoking is prohibited in all campus buildings, including classrooms, lecture halls, laboratories, offices, work areas, study areas, reception areas, meeting rooms, lobbies, hallways, stairwells, elevators, eating areas, lounges, and restrooms, and within twenty-five (25) feet of an exit, entrance, or operable window of any campus building. Smoking is also prohibited in all partially enclosed areas such as covered walkways, breezeways, walkways between sections of buildings, bus-stop shelters, exterior walkways and landings, all State vehicles, including electric and golf carts.

Areas Where Smoking is Permitted

Smoking is permitted in outside ground areas twenty-five (25) feet beyond any exit, entrance or operable window of a campus building.

Exception: Smoking is prohibited on decks and patios associated with dining facilities or if it unavoidably exposes people entering and leaving adjacent buildings to smoke, or when it is explicitly prohibited during a particular event or activity scheduled in the area (such as in bleachers or row seating at athletic or other events).

Compliance with Policy

Effective implementation of the Campus Smoking Policy depends upon the courtesy, sensitivity, and cooperation of all members of the campus community. It is a normal and reasonable duty of all employees of CSUDH and its auxiliaries, and expected conduct by all students, to comply with this policy.

Scope of Policy

The Campus Smoking Policy applies to all campus buildings and grounds owned, rented or leased by CSUDH. All members of the campus community - students, faculty, staff and campus visitors - are expected to comply with this policy.

Notification of Policy

Notification of this policy to members of the campus community and visitors shall be made by including the policy in the University Catalog, Schedule of Classes and the University Website. At least one copy of this policy shall be posted in each campus building. New employees will be notified of the policy by the Human Resources Management Office upon employment.

Signs shall be displayed at the entrances/exits of all campus buildings and other appropriate locations stating that smoking is prohibited within the building and/or area and that smoking is prohibited within twenty-five (25) feet of any exit, entrance or operable window of any campus building.

Reporting of Violations of the Policy

Violations of this policy should be reported to the appropriate administrator. There shall be no reprisals against anyone seeking assistance in enforcing this policy.

Effective Date of Policy

This policy is effective as of September 7, 2004, and supersedes all previous CSUDH smoking policies.

AUTHORITY CITED: Section 42356 of Title 5 of the California Code of Regulations; and California Government Code Section 7597.