Metrolink Bus

Taking the bus rather than driving has the potential to save Angelenos over $6,000 a year and decrease CO2 emissions by 37 million metric tons (American Public Transportation Association)! Discounted TAP cards can be used for Los Angeles Public buses, rail. Combining this mode of transit with the Metro Micro $1 Shuttle can help make this mode of transportation even more convenient and cost-effective.

Student Benefits

Full-time students are entitled to a discounted monthly Metrolink Bus Pass for $11.25.

Application paperwork can also be obtained at the Office of Transportation Services located at RPM-200. Watch our detailed step-by-step instructional video below or read the written instructions for a walkthrough on how to apply for this benefit.

Online Application

  1. Complete the College/Vocational TAP card application.
  2. After receiving your TAP card, fill out the Transportation Services (Rideshare) TAP eligibility form.
  3. Upon approval, you can pay for your discounted TAP card through the Cashier’s Office.

Watch our Step by Step Guide on How to Complete the Online TAP Card Application!

By Mail

  1. Complete the College Vocational ID form to confirm your qualifications for this benefit.
  2. Mail your application to:
    TAP Reduced Fare Office
    One Gateway Plaza Mail Stop 99-PL-4
    Los Angeles, CA 90012-2952
    Take a printed copy of your application to your closest Metro Customer Center.
  3. After receiving a receipt for your College/Vocational TAP ID, pick up your $22 Bus voucher at the CSUDH Office of Transportation, located near the tennis courts in  RPM-200.
  4. Take the voucher and card to the Cashiers Office to load value to your TAP card.
    • Cashier's Office: Welch Hall, Room 270. Open Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. 
Faculty & Staff Benefits

CSUDH provides employees with a monthly subsidy towards Metro TAP cards. Please visit the Office of Transportation Services in RPM-200 (located near the tennis courts ) to receive your Metro benefits.

Public Benefits

These groups are also eligible for discounted Metro TAP cards without being a full time student and without affiliation to CSUDH:

  • Seniors 62+ in age
  • Active military
  • Low income riders
  • Students K-12
  • Children under 5 years old
  • Persons with Disabilities

People identifying with these descriptions may obtain their discounted resources through Metro.

Bus Transit Routes Accessible to CSUDH

Metro Bus

  • 51, 53, 205, 246

Long Beach Transit

  • 1, 2

Torrance Transit

  • 6, 13

Compton Renaissance

  • 5

Plan Your Next Trip by Bus

If you do not have a smartphone, please visit the Office of Transportation Services in RMP-200 for a physical map.

Metro Rail & Busway

The A Line (Blue), C Line (Green), and J Line (Silver) are railway lines in close proximity to campus. An additional bus ride is required to fully arrive on campus (either the Toro Express Shuttle and/or accessible bus transit routes listed above).

Plan Your Next Trip by Metro Rail