Peer Learning Assistance

The Toro Learning & Testing Center offers various types of peer learning assistance programs where knowledgeable and trained CSUDH students offer academic support to their peers.

Supplemental Instruction (SI)

Supplemental Instruction is an academic support program developed by the University of Missouri at Kansas City to help students in historically difficult courses or courses with high DFW rates. SI sessions take the form of weekly/biweekly peer-led study sessions and drop-in support. SI is designed to help students with the process of learning to improve their understanding of course material and improve their grades; it is not just for students who are struggling.

SI sessions are led by SI Leaders. SI Leaders are DH students who have successfully completed the course and have been trained to facilitate group sessions. SI Leaders lead students in improving their understanding of the course material, reviewing and discussing important concepts, developing study strategies and preparing for exams.

Participation is traditionally voluntary, anonymous, and held out of class to maximize student success and engagement. Students may attend as many sessions as they choose. Typically, sessions begin the second week of class and continue throughout the semester.


Students are welcome to come into the Learning Center for appointment-based writing tutoring or drop-in content tutoring.