FAQs for Students

Is SI or PLTL free?

Yes, all TLTC programs are free to currently enrolled CSUDH students. You must bring your CSUDH ID card to participate in any of them.

How can I participate?

If your course has been designated as a SI or PLTL course, your professor will introduce your SI or PLTL leader to you and your class during the first week of courses. Your SI or PLTL leader will then provide more information about center programs.

Who is my SI or PLTL leader?

Your SI or PLTL leader is a CSUDH student just like you. He/she has likely taken the course with the same professor and/or has taken a similar course and is someone who can help share strategies to help you succeed.

How often do I participate?

It depends on the model and the requirements of the course. Generally, SI participation is voluntary and anonymous, but PLTL participation is often an integrated part of the course. Please consult with your professor about any specific requirements.

Where are sessions held?

SI sessions are held at the TLTC and PLTL sessions can be held either in class or at the TLTC. Click on the SI/PLTL Schedule for the most recent schedule or consult your SI or PLTL Leader for specific days/times and room assignments.

What can I expect an SI session or PLTL workshop?

Think of SI sessions and PLTL workshops as dedicated and guaranteed study times. You meet weekly with peers from your class and your SI or PLTL Leader who will assist in guiding your study time. The sessions and workshops consist of interactive activities that will allow you to explore important concepts, review and discuss lecture notes, practice test-taking and study strategies, and prepare for exams.

Why do SI or PLTL leaders not check homework or provide lecture notes?

All SI and PLTL programs are interactive workshops that require students to come prepared to talk about course materials and work with your leader and peers. Sessions will not be helpful if you have not attended class, not attempted to do your homework, and have not read your assignments. TLTC peer learning assistance programs are not meant to replace these student responsibilities in any way.