TLTC Tutoring Services

The TLTC has a variety of tutoring options for students.

  • TLTC Peer Tutoring
    • Meet with a CSUDH peer tutor through Zoom.
  • NetTutor Tutoring
    • Meet with a NetTutor Tutor for a chat based session.
  • CHE 108 Just in Time Sessions 
    • Attend these weekly review sessions and get a chance to work with peers to review CHE 108 content. Bring questions or just stop by to work with peers, TLTC tutors, and our Chemistry Faculty Liaison, so you can become better prepared to succeed in this course.
  • Math Study Hall
    • If you are in MAT 103, 131, 132, 153, join your peers and TLTC tutors for evening group study sessions. Work on your own or with your peers and get a chance to study together.
  • Supplemental Instruction
    • Participate in weekly group study sessions lead by a SI Leader. Find SI services in selected sections of the following courses:
      • BIO:120, 220, 250, 340
      • CHE: 108, 110, 113 
      • HEA: 468
      • MAT: 102, 103, 132, 151, 153, 191
      • PSY: 230
    • Please visit Supplemental Instruction for the schedule and additional information.

All options are free to currently enrolled CSUDH students for help in CSUDH courses. Please read the TLTC Student User Guidelines for more information.

TLTC Peer Tutoring  

The TLTC offers tutoring in STEM courses and selected course specific subjects. Tutoring sessions are by appointment only. Scheduling is easy.

  1. Check the schedule to see the current tutoring schedule
  2. Find the tutor/subject your need
  3. Sign into TSC
  4. Click the blue box
  5. Select the options to schedule your tutoring session
  6. Look in your Toromail for a confirmation email and Zoom link to your appointment

Before you schedule your first session, please

  1. Read the Student User Guidelines for more information.
  2. Be familiar with using Zoom
  3. Understand that TLTC tutors help you with your learning process. Please understand that they will not check answers or complete assignments

Please understand that any abuse of services or to staff may result in a suspension of access.