Tutoring Guidelines and Online Expectations

Tutoring Guidelines & Online Expectations

TLTC Student User Guidelines

  1. You must be a matriculated CSUDH student to access services and facilities.
  2. Tutoring is only for CSUDH courses.
  3. ALL appointments made through T.S.C. will require a confirmation email to verify that you have made your appointment (sent to your Toromail).
  4. All virtual sessions require adequate technology and a virtual space with minimal distractions.
  5. Please be presentable for all appointments, virtual or otherwise.
  6. Students are responsible for their work and adhering to the Academic Integrity Policy. For this reason, the Center excludes answer-checking, proofreading, and editing services for all assignments.
  7. One appointment can be scheduled at a time. You may have one appointment per day, for up to half an hour, up to three times per week.
    1. Please email the front desk at tlc@csudh.edu if you qualify for an accommodation.
  8. Students must attend scheduled virtual appointments promptly.
    1. Please be considerate of other sessions your tutor might be facilitating prior to your scheduled session, as well as any sessions they must tend to following your scheduled session.
  9. Students risks losing their appointment and being considered a “No Show” if they are over 5 minutes late during high-peak times.
    1. A “No-Show” counts toward you weekly limit of three appointments.
  10. Students have up to an hour before their scheduled appointment to cancel their session without having the missed session count as part of the weekly limit.
    1. Students should cancel their appointments through their T.S.C. accounts
  11. Students should email any relevant information or materials to their tutors at the start of their sessions.
  12. Seeing a tutor is not a substitute for missed lectures or incomplete readings of course materials.
  13. Tutors may not provide assistance for students who are unprepared, have not addressed what was discussed in previous sessions or want help with exam/test questions.
  14. Please show respect for one another while in the center and participating in services.