Background of the Requirement

CSUDH student studying in University LibraryIn 1976 the Trustees of the California State University passed a resolution directing that, as a requirement for graduation, "all students entering the CSU system be required to demonstrate their competency with regard to writing skills."  The resolution also specified that this Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement (GWAR) could not be met by a lower-division writing course or by students who had not yet gained upper-division status.  The GWAR program at CSU Dominguez Hills is in full compliance with this resolution and with later modifications to it described in the "Revised CSU Policy Memorandum on Student Competency in Writing," August 1, 1994, and the "Determination of Competence in English and Mathematics" (Executive Order 665), February 28, 1997.

CSU Dominguez Hills acknowledges its responsibility to prepare students for the demands they will encounter in professional life, including the ability to write effectively in a variety of situations.  We encourage students to regard the writing requirement as a measure to ensure that they possess the writing skills necessary for the successful pursuit of their career goals and for full participation as citizens of their communities.  On our campus, the writing requirement is implemented through a fully coordinated program that includes a competency examination and preparation workshops, counseling for students after the examination, and certifying courses as an alternative to the examination.

The information contained here reflects official University policy and procedures as stated in the current University Catalog.  Any questions or requests for clarification should be directed to the Testing Center, (310) 243-3909 or