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  • For information about campus services, student support, and more, visit the Student FAQ page.

  • Spring 2021 Academics

  • Important Dates and Deadlines

    • January 25: Classes Begin
    • January 25 - February 12: Late Registration Add/Drop via MyCSUDH
    • March 28 - April 3: Spring Recess
    • May 14: Last Day of Classes
    • May 15 - 21: Final Examinations
    • May 25: Final Grades Due, Semester Ends

    See the 2020-21 Academic Calendar [PDF] for more information.

  • Will most Spring 2021 classes take place online?

    Yes, the majority of Spring 2021 classes will be delivered virtually. Only 8% of all CSUDH classes will take place in-person.

    The first two weeks of the Spring 2021 semester (from January 25 - February 7) will be exclusively virtual. Approved in-person classes will meet face-to-face starting February 8. This is subject to change per state and local guidelines.

    Certain off-site clinical placement assignments that start earlier than January 25 may resume sooner. Students should verify meeting locations with their professors.

  • How will I know if my class is online or in-person?

    The Spring 2021 Class Schedule indicates whether a class is online or in person. In-person classes will have a room number assigned to it. Classes listed without a room number will be delivered online.

    View a full list of Spring 2021 in-person classes.

  • What about students in different time zones?

    For students in other time zones the schedule will appear the same. If no times are listed then the course is “asynchronous,” meaning there are no required meeting times. If any times listed then the student expected to be present then; the times will appear in Pacific Time, and so students in other time zones should take the difference into account.

  • How will in-person classes comply with health and safety measures?

    CSUDH is taking all necessary measures to ensure safety requirements will be met for in-person classes. This includes modified room capacity, enhanced cleaning, directive signage, and mandatory mask-wearing for everyone on campus. See more information on campus health and safety protocols.

  • Is attendance at face-to-face classes mandatory?

    Students may switch from face-to-face to online instruction. All faculty teaching in-person classes have been asked to make preparations for students who do not feel safe returning to campus.

  • Can research be conducted?

    Yes. Research is continuing during the pandemic. The format and protocols vary by academic subject; individual faculty members and departments can tell you more.

  • Am I able to order books and supplies through the Bookstore?

    Yes. Please visit the Bookstore page for information on how to order your books.

  • Can I use the Library for WiFi access?

    For safety reasons, the Library building will remain closed. However, CSUDH is offering many technology resources for students in need.

  • Will tuition be reduced?

  • Is it a good idea to take a leave of absence?

    Students are encouraged to continue with their course of study, but that may be difficult due to personal circumstances. Students considering a leave of absence should connect with an academic advisor (GE and/or major) to explore options.

  • How can I complete a course-required internship?

    Students should connect with their major department and advisor to discuss and explore options.

    Virtual internships are still available in some industries, and SLICE and the Career Center will continue to work with the colleges to support internship efforts. Handshake employers are still posting internships in virtual environments, with over 700 postings to date.

  • What should I do if my instructor is not responding to me?

    Students who don't hear back from their instructors should next contact the chair of the relevant department. If there is still no response, contact the associate dean of the college.

  • GWAR Suspension

    The GWAR requirement has been suspended for students graduating in Fall 2020, Spring 2021, or Summer 2021.

    Any student graduating in a semester in which the GWE is not offered because of the COVID-19 pandemic is exempt from the GWAR. This means that as of now, any student that is graduating Fall 2020, Spring 2021, or Summer 2021 will not be required to satisfy the GWAR in order to graduate.

    For FAQ regarding GWAR and additional information, visit the Toro Learning and Testing Center website.

  • Advisement

    Academic advisors are working remotely. Contact information for all university advisors can be found on the online advisor hub. This includes:

    • All College advisors
    • EOP academic advisors
    • ETE advisors
    • TRIO advisors
    • Multicultural centers advisors
    • Academic Affairs Office of the Provost Advocate
    • University Academic Center academic advisors

    Please visit the University Advisement Center contact page for hours of operation, information about the Virtual Call Center, and advice for how to schedule a Zoom appointment. There is also an FAQ page with more details about CSUDH academics and advising.

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