Virtual Classes

CSUDH is delivering 92% of Spring 2021 classes online. The information below explains the different types of online classes, as well as more information on how to access resources while studying remotely.

Course Modality

Here is what you need to know about “how” courses are being offer around the country – we call this “course modality.” The Spring 2021 online classes will fall into one of two categories. How will you know the difference? Ask yourself the following question: “When I look at my courses on MyCSUDH, are there days and times listed?"

  • NO, THERE ARE NO DAYS OR TIMES LISTED: This is the traditional online course (we call it online asynchronous). You will never be asked to meet online at a specific time. These courses may be listed in the course schedule as ONLINE, TBA, OFINTNET, or OFALTINST.
  • YES, THERE ARE DAYS AND TIMES LISTED: If the course does not have a room number listed under “Room”, then this course is a new type of course we created because of the pandemic (we call it online synchronous). This course requires that you meet virtually on the days and times listed in the schedule, typically via Zoom. These courses may be listed as alternative instruction, ALTINST###, and will have times assigned to them in the schedule. Your instructors will send you the Zoom link or post it on Blackboard, so that you can join the class online.

  • Please note: Only a small percentage of courses (8%) were approved to meet on campus this fall. All of these courses were courses that could not be done online (chemistry labs, ceramics, etc.) and the courses underwent a series of modifications and evaluations to ensure they could be delivered safely and were ultimately approved by the CSU Chancellor’s Office. You will know the course meets on campus if there is a room number assigned to it. Your instructor will be reaching out to you with more information. See a full list of all Spring 2021 in-person classes.
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