Cleaning and Sanitizing

CSUDH's cleaning measures help to ensure the health and well-being of our campus community:

  • High-touch areas like door handles and restroom fixtures are wiped down frequently during the day and night.
  • All restrooms are cleaned and sanitized daily, and kept stocked with supplies.
  • Classrooms and labs are cleaned daily, and foggers and misters are used in high-use areas.
  • All building HVAC air systems have been upgraded to hospital grade, MERV 13 filtration.
  • Building flushing and increased air filtration is helping to maintain air quality.

Custodial Upgrades

  • Seven new custodians are being hired to help service the campus.
  • Each custodian gets a list of the day’s face-to-face classrooms and labs, for high priority cleaning and inspections.
  • Each custodian is provided with a high-touch cleaning kit, to assist with this high-profile, targeted cleaning practice.
  • Restroom cleaning signoff sheets are in each campus restroom.
  • Custodians are following CDC guidelines while cleaning classrooms, offices, and workspaces.
  • View the custodial schedule online.
  • If something doesn't look as clean as it should, contact Facilities Work Control at (310) 243-3804.