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Technology Checkout Program

Information Technology (I.T.) has laptops, Mi-Fi internet devices, headsets with microphones, webcams, and software-in-the-cloud services to ensure faculty, students, and staff are able to remotely teach, learn, and work.

Individuals may reserve the devices they need online. Once the devices are prepped and ready for pick-up, users are invited to come to a designated drive through campus parking area. Users remain safely in their vehicles and the I.T. team delivers the devices to users in their vehicles wearing protective mask and gloves, following campus safety guidelines. I.T. is committed to ensuring the safety of our employees and those they serve. To reserve a laptop, webcam or a microphone, visit the Technology Checkout Program website. Users may also call 310-243-2500, with questions.

Information Technology is also working to make the Toro Computer Lab virtually available to students. Students who need access to a specialized computer program or do not have access to a computer or internet service at home, will be able to complete their coursework remotely using Toro Virtual Lab. I.T. will continue this and other similar programs to protect the health and safety of all. For continued technological support and with the permission of the users, I.T. can also connect to user computers remotely to troubleshoot, if needed.

Toro Virtual Lab

An exciting new tool is now available to all students: Toro Virtual Lab. This tool will allow you to have a virtual Windows 10 computer from your desktop so that you can access course software from anywhere. And the best part is that you can access the Toro Virtual Lab from any computer to have a more robust technology experience.

There are three ways to begin a Toro Virtual Lab session: 

  1. Web browser 
  2. MyCSUDH
  3. Torolab App

For more information, please visit the Knowledge Base Articles in ServiceNow:
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Be Secure

I.T. has created a website full of information regarding security measures, remote access, software, and more. Visit the Be Secure site for the complete list of resources.

Setting up Your Home for Remote Study and Work

Each section below provides information about how to equip your home for studying or working remotely. There are also links to the I.T. Knowledge Base, where you may find other valuable resources.

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