Class Documents

Below is a list of materials available for current and prospective students of the Television Arts program at California State University, Dominguez Hills.

Information for New Majors

ROADMAPS for DMA MAJORS (Advisement Course Schedule Planners)

DMA 320 - TV Directing I (Fall)

DMA 322 - TV Directing II (Spring)

DMA 323 - TV Crew Production (Fall & Spring)

DMA 324 - TV Titling and Animation (Spring)

DMA 325 - EFP Videography (Spring)

DMA 326 - TV Sound Design (Spring)

DMA 327 - Independent TV Production (Summer)

DMA 346 - Digital Media Production Workshop (Fall/Spring/Summer)

DMA 492 - Special Topic: Documentary Production

DMA 496 - Internship In The Media (Fall/Spring/Summer)

DMA 499 - Senior Project (Fall & Spring)