University Advisement Center

Welcome Toros! The fall semester is here and we are so excited to hit the ground running with you! We are all in on your success at DH. In fact, we have just launched new college student success centers that are dedicated to ensuring you THRIVE as a Toro.

This means that going forward, you’ll be able to find your success team of staff and faculty based right inside the college and discipline you call your own! If you are still undecided about your major and discipline, we have a student success team for you also!

To make an advising appointment and get connected to your new student success center, just look below for contact information. Reach out. We'll be Going Far Together.

Student Success Centers: We’re Everywhere You Are!

College of Arts and Humanities Student Success Center

Laurie Inman, Ed.D., Director
Office: COE 1401A
Email | (310) 243-2124

Main Office

Office: LIB 5515
University Library, North Building, Fifth Floor
Email | Website | (310) 243-3264 

Academic Advisors

Jamie Harnage
Email | Office: LIB 5508 | (310) 243-3264

Teresa Payne
Email | Office: LIB 5085 | (310) 243-3043

Cathi Ryan
Email | Office: LIB 5075 | (310) 243-2714

Penny White
Email | LIB 5389 | (310) 243-2162

Program Advisors

Cristina de Dios Rodriguez, Retention Specialist
Email | LIB 5083 | (310) 243-2894

Chanel Shorter, Graduation Specialist
Email | LIB 5073 | (310) 243-2630

College of Business Administration and Public Policy Student Success Center

Stephanie Gonsalves, MS, Director
Email | (310) 243-3672

Main Office

Office: I&I 1100, 3400
Innovation & Instruction Building, First & Third Floor
Email | Website | (310) 243-3561

College of Education Student Success Center

Aimee Arreygue, Ed.D., Director
Office: COE 1401A
Email | (310) 243-2083

Main Office

Office: COE 1401
College of Education Building
Email | Website | (310) 243-2276

Academic Advisors

Diana Martinez
Email | COE 1401D | (310) 243-3260

Tanae Aubry
Email | COE 1401 | (310) 243-2368

College of Health, Human Services, and Nursing Student Success Center

Lisa Langford, MA, MSHE, Director
Office: WH 210A
Email | (310) 243-2374

Adrienna Alexander
Administrative Support Coordinator 
Office: WH 220J
Email | (310) 243-2608

Main Office

Office: WH A220
Welch Hall Building, Second Floor
Email | Website | (310) 243-2120

Academic Advisors

Mark Kerr
Email | WH 220C | (310) 243-3423 

Debbie Yoklavich
Email | WH 210F | (310) 243-2050

April Thomas
Email | WH 210B | (310) 243-3465 

Cristina Prado
Email | WH 210E | (310) 243-3516

Angel Valdez
Email | WH 210J | (310) 243-2545

Vanessa Monroy
Email | WH 210G | (310) 243-3004

Program Advisors

Janelle Viray, Retention Specialist
Email | WH 220B | (310) 243-3664

College of Natural and Behavioral Sciences Student Success Center

Victoria Fowler, MS, Director
Office: SBS A-306A
Email | (310) 243-3535

Main Office

Office: SBS A306 
Social and Behavioral Sciences Building, Third Floor
Email | Website | (310) 243-3535

Academic Advisors

Jagaite Packard
Email | SBS A-305 | 310-243-3158

Paul Matthew Lasmarias
Email | SBS A-312 | (310) 243-3174

Stephanie Chito
Email | SBS A-310 | (310) 243-3277

Sheyla Peindar
Email | SBS A-307 | (310) 243-2892

Deborah Valiente 
Email | SBS A -303 | (310) 243- 3105

Program Advisors

Alma Melena, Graduation Specialist     
Email | SBS A-309 | (310) 243-2600

Lizbeth Maldonaldo, Retention Specialist
Email | SBS A- 311 | (310) 243-2874

Undeclared Students

Program Advisor

Samantha Gutierrez
Email | WH A-220 | (310) 243-2766

Undeclared students need to schedule an appointment through portal selecting the Toro Success Collaborative (TSC) icon or login directly in through Download the TSC Guild for instructions on how to make an appointment. 

Have a hold on your account? What does it mean?

COTG, MFA, and/or STEPS will prevent registration as well as Math, Written, and/or Restricted. Consult your Toromail (Inbox and Junk/Spam) for more information on why you received this hold and how to release it. Contact our office for information if you are unable to locate the email.

Financial will prevent registration. This is due to an account balance on your portal. Connect with Student Financial Services.

Financial Aid: Check your Student Center to see if you need to submit any documents to the Financial Aid Office Dropbox. Financial Aid information: Email | Website | Financial Aid TV | (310) 243-3691.

Get and Stay Connected at DH

Campus Events

Discover unique opportunities at CSUDH Toro Link! Find and attend events, browse and join organizations, and showcase your involvement.

Career Development

The Career Center is a resource for career and professional development. Get connected with career staff for career readiness needs, questions, or general assistance. Explore, discover, and make purposeful career-related decisions.

General Education course descriptions?

Check out University Catalog: GE course descriptions. *The catalog year that applies to you is based on the year you started CSUDH as a new student.

Financial Aid?    

Just go to to access your student portal TO DO LIST to see if you need to submit any documents to the financial aid office drop box.

Returning Student?

Welcome back! For more information, visit Returning Toros.

Need University Housing information?  

Want the shortest commute to CSUDH? Live on campus! For more information, visit University Housing.

Campus Resources

The Basic Needs Program offers a multitude of resources on and off campus that will alleviate basic need challenges such as food, housing, transportation, or mental and health challenges.

Accessing the Academic Requirements Report

  • Log in to My.CSUDH (Mac users should use Firefox instead of Safari)
  • Click on Student Center on top left side of the screen
  • Click on the drop-down menu labeled Other Academics on the left side of the screen
  • Select Academic Requirements
  • Click Go
  • Click the blue Expand All button once the report loads
  • Click the blue Print Report link, found just under the ID numbers