Academic Probation and Disqualification

Academic Probation

An undergraduate student is subject to academic probation if at any time, their overall grade point average (GPA), which is all college coursework attempted at any institution, or their CSUDH GPA falls below 2.0. A student shall be removed from academic probation when their overall GPA and CSUDH GPA are at 2.0 or higher.

Strategies Towards Educational Progress & Success (STEPS)

The Strategies Towards Educational Progress & Success (STEPS) workshop is a university-wide academic probation intervention program designed for undergraduate students who are on academic probation. The mission of the STEPS academic probation intervention workshops is to encourage and support students' persistence in and graduation from CSUDH by offering STEPS workshops throughout the fall and spring semesters. The workshops include helpful information about university policies and procedures, understanding academic probation, the reasons why students encounter academic problems, and how to receive help and support from campus services and offices.

STEPS Academic Probation Hold

Students on academic probation will have a STEPS Academic Probation hold placed on their account. The STEPS hold prevents a student from registering for future terms. In order to have the hold removed, students must complete either a STEPS Academic Probation Workshop or a STEPS Follow-Up, depending on how many semesters the student has been on probation.

For the first semester on probation, the student must complete a STEPS Academic Probation Workshop.
For every subsequent semester a student is on probation, they must complete a STEPS Follow-Up.

Information regarding upcoming STEPS Workshops is emailed to students on academic probation. Students are encouraged to check ToroMail regularly.

Academic Disqualification

For more information, visit our Academic Disqualification page.

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