Academic Disqualification

Academic disqualification occurs when a student does not meet their class-level minimum GPA requirements to remain a student at CSUDH. Students who are academically disqualified are discontinued and may no longer be able to enroll in classes.

Class-Level Minimum GPAs

An undergraduate student on academic probation is subject to academic disqualification if their CSUDH and/or overall GPA(s) fall below the applicable class-level minimum GPA:

Class LevelMinimum GPA
Freshman (0 - 29 units completed)1.5
Sophomore (30 - 59 units completed)1.7
Junior (60 - 89 units completed)1.85
Senior (90+ units completed)1.95

Students who are not on probation may be disqualified at the end of any term in which their CSUDH and/or overall GPA(s) fall below 1.0.

Students whose CSUDH and overall GPAs are above their class-level minimum, but below 2.0, will remain on academic probation.

Academic Disqualification Petition Process

A student may petition the academic disqualification decision only one time by submitting the following documents:

  1. Petition for Exception Form (a $10 fee is required). The student may explain and include documentation of what are perceived to be the main causes of the academic difficulties and information regarding any extenuating circumstances affecting academic performance.
  2. A verified plan (found in the Academic Disqualification Advisement form, signed by an advisor from the University Advisement Center) which demonstrates that the student will increase their grade point average to 2.0 or higher within one academic year when achieving a C or higher in all projected classes.
  3. Verification of enrollment in the projected classes for the next summer and fall semesters (fall semester is sufficient if the student's plan does not include summer courses).

For information regarding how to meet with an advisor regarding academic disqualification, visit our Contact Us page.

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