University Academic Advisors

College Advisors - All

College of Arts & Humanities

Dr. Glenn Bach 
Faculty Advisor and Retention Specialist

Dr. Corina Benavides Lopez, Professor
Chicano/a Studies

Dr. Debra Best, Faculty Advisor
English Department

Andrea Johnson, Assistant Professor

Jaime Harnage
Student Support Advisor

Dr. Annemarie Perez, Professor
Interdisciplinary Studies

Doris M. Namala
Faculty Fellow/Advisor
University Advisement Center/ History department

Channel Shorter, MPA
Professional Advisor and Graduation Specialist

Penny White
Professional Advisor
Negotiation, Conflict Resolution & Peace Building

College of Business Administration and Public Policy

George Abraham

Daryl Evans

Ineki Fike
Lead Academic Advisor

Jessica Peraza
Enrollment Advisor

Cathi Ryan

April Uhlig

College of Education

Jherilyn (JJ) Christomo
Advisor, Liberal Studies

College of Extended & International Education

Darlene Nguyen
International Student Services Specialist
Extended Ed Academic Programs Community Relations

College of Health, Human Services, and Nursing

Lisa Langford
Lead Academic Advisor, Child Development

Mark Kerr
Academic Advisor, Health Science

Cristina Prado
Academic Advisor, Human Services

College of Natural and Behavioral Sciences

Mo Chatterji

Helen Chun, Assistant Professor

Thomas Taylor, Professor

Thomas Landefeld, Professor

Patrick Still, Professor
Chemistry and Biochemistry

Dr. John Keyantash
Faculty Advisor, Earth Science

Debbie Yoklavich
Academic Advisor, Nursing


Natalie Lockhart
Compliance Coordinator, Athletics

Kisha Calbert
Academic Advisor, Athletics

Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) Academic Advisors

Sean James
Associate Director, EOP

Hubert De Leon Tzic
Academic Advisor, EOP

Godwin Thurton
Academic Advisor, EOP

Simone Curry
Academic Advisor, EOP

Daniela Choto
Academic Advisor, EOP

Adriana Williams
Lead Academic Advisor, EOP

Angelica Jimenez
Academic Advisor, EOP

Jorge Padilla
Academic Advisor, EOP

Joshua Williams
Toro Guardian Scholars Coordinator, EOP

JuLinda Holmes
Retention Specialist, EOP

Encounter to Excellence Academic (ETE) Advisors

Mayra Soriano
Director, Encounter to Excellence

Jeffrey Cabanez
Academic Advisor, ETE

Brenna Carl
Academic Advisor, ETE

Gloria Gandana
Academic Advisor, ETE

Tania Garcia
Academic Advisor, ETE

Rogelio Gonzalez
Academic Advisor, ETE

Tiffany Lara
Academic Advisor, ETE

Lizbeth Maldonado
Academic Advisor, ETE

Teresa Payne
Academic Advisor, ETE

Sheyla Peinder
Academic Advisor, ETE

Cristina Rodriguez
Academic Advisor, ETE

TRIO Advisors

Elizabeth Hanna
Director, TRIO Student Support Services
Foundation Student Affairs

Tyffanye Hoang
Program Specialist, TRIO

Rodrigo Rodrigo
Program Advisor, TRIO

Multicultural Centers Advisors

Catherine Jermany
Coordinator, Rose Black Resource Center

Ana Barragan
TDSC Coordinator, Multicultural Affairs

Arlin Gonzalez
Advisor, TDSC

Karama Blackhorn
Queer Culture and Resource Center Program Coordinator
Multicultural Affairs

Jerrie Jones
Assistant Director Toro GuardianToro Guardian Scholars

University Advisement Center Academic Advisors - Academic Advising via Zoom

Virtual Advising is available for a one-on-one, live meeting with an advisor via Zoom.

How to Schedule an Appointment

You may make an appointment by indicating the request through the UAC Advisement Request Form at:

Please provide your best contact email (e.g. Toromail, Hotmail, Yahoo…etc.) on your appointment request. We will send you an email notification with details of your online appointment meeting via Zoom and your individualized Zoom link.

Please Note: New appointments are scheduled within a timeframe of up to 5 working days forward on a rolling basis. 

Tanae Aubry-McMillian, Administrator Support Coordinator

Tanae Aubry

Administrator Support Coordinator

Contact Information


My advising philosophy has always centered on student needs and development professionally, personally, and academically. 

Albert Carpenter, Academic Advisor

Albert Carpenter

Retention Specialist

Contact Information


I'm a proud alumnus of CSUDH and committed to providing students with a high level of support and assistance.

Stephanie Chito, Academic Advisor

Stephanie Chito

Academic Advisor and Program Coordinator for DHTLC

Contact Information


My advising philosophy leans heavily on taking a holistic approach to the overall development of students so that they are achieving their full potential, not just in their academics, but as individuals in society.

Autumn Cunningham, Academic Advisor

Autumn Cunningham

Academic Advisor

Contact Information


My philosophy and style of advising is an appreciative approach that leaves students with a level of autonomy and accountability that will permeate multiple aspects of their lives.

Victoria Fowler, Academic Advisor

Victoria Fowler

Retention Specialist, CNBS

Contact Information


I am passionate about facilitating a safe place where young adults can grow within themselves to be the best that they can be.

Stephanie Flores Gonsalves, Academic Advisor

Stephanie Flores Gonsalves

Academic Advisor

Contact Information


I'm passionate about working with a diverse population of college students and strives to help students reach their maximum potential.

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Silvia Green

Academic Advisor

Contact Information


I feel fortunate to be a part of the CSUDH community and to be able to serve our students on their journey to reaching their academic goals.

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Marisol Gutierrez

CBAPP Retention Specialist

Contact Information


I see myself as a strong advocate for students and a firm believer that all students can pursue higher education.

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Karen Hill

Academic Advising Assistant

Contact Information


Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, ‘Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and fabulous?’ Actually, who are you not to be? - Marianne Williamson

Anete Klintsone, Academic Advisor

Anete Klintsone

Academic Advisor and Program Coordinator for Finish in Four

Contact Information


As an International Student who was educated within the UC and CSU system, I'm passionate about supporting all students and believes in the evolution of the education system.

Matt Lasmarias, Academic Advisor

Matt Lasmarias

Academic Advisor

Contact Information


My advising philosophy is that higher education opens doors to a sea of opportunity, and it is his duty to instill confidence in students so that they may be better equipped with the necessary skills to fulfill their academic and career goals.

Sam Lopez Martinez, Academic Advisor

Samantha Lopez-Martinez

Academic Advisor

Contact Information


I am enthusiastic about joining the CSUDH community because of the students we serve.

Alma Melena, Academic Advisor

Alma Melena

Graduation Specialist

Contact Information


My philosophy about advising is rooted on strengths-based advising which focuses on students’ possibilities, rather than their challenges.

Maggie Narez, Academic Advisor

Maggie Narez

Retention Specialist, COE & CAH

Contact Information


I'm excited to be a resource for CSUDH students in their journey toward academic and professional excellence. Go Toros!

Tanja Sadowski, Academic Advisor

Tanja Sadowski

Academic Advisor, Program Coordinator of Thru in Two

Contact Information


I'm passionate about supporting all students, not only in their academic goals, but in becoming integral members of their community and the world at large.

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Salvador Valdez

Retention and Innovation Specialist

Contact Information


I’m passionate about being a student advocate above all and assist students in acquiring knowledge to reach their educational goals and beyond.

Aimee Vasquera, Academic Advising Assistant

Adriana Aimee Vaquera, M.S.

Academic Advisor & Peer Coach Coordinator

Contact Information


I'm committed to student success and in taking a holistic approach in empowering students and supporting life-long learners that will obtain their degrees, apply them, give back to the community, and create future leaders.​

Janelle Viray, Academic Advisor

Janelle Viray

Retention Specialist

Contact Information


My advising philosophy is to combine leadership with students as they navigate their way through academic and personal barriers.

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