COVID-19: Fall 2020 Grading

COVID-19: Fall 2020 Grading

After consultation with Academic Senate, Associated Students, Inc., and with guidance from the Chancellor’s Office, CSUDH is extending its late withdrawal deadline to December 23, 2020. To request a late withdrawal, students should read and submit the following form:

For additional information, please read the FAQ below.

FAQ - Course Withdraw (W)

If I withdraw from a course(s) for the Fall 2020 semester, how will it impact my financial aid?

For the current semester, it is possible that a recalculation of your Fall 2020 financial aid may occur if your fees are reversed and/or last academic activity occurred prior to the Thanksgiving break. For continued financial aid eligibility in future semesters, the Financial Aid Office is required by federal regulations to review student’s unit completion.  If you withdraw from a class, it will depend on how many units you enrolled for the Fall  2020 semester.  The CSUDH Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Policy requires students to successfully complete a minimum of 75% of the total units enrolled. For example:

  1. If you enrolled in 12 units, earned passing grades in 9 units and withdrew from one 3 unit class, you’ve completed 75% for the semester.  You remain eligible for continued financial aid. 
  2. If you are currently on a SAP Appeal Academic Plan, you should refer to the terms stated in your plan to determine continued aid eligibility.
  3. If you totally withdraw from all of your classes, you will be required to complete and submit a Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Appeal for reconsideration of your financial aid eligibility.  For more information on our SAP Policy, visit our website at

For additional questions, please contact the Financial Aid Office at (310) 243-3691 or via email at

Can I still withdraw from a Fall 2020 course?

Yes. The Late Withdrawal deadline for Fall 2020 has been extended to December 23, 2020, and the process has been streamlined so that you do not have to collect additional signatures.

How can I withdraw from a Fall 2020 course?

Simply submit a completed Fall 2020 Request for Late Withdrawal (W) form to the Registrar’s Office ( by the December 23, 2020 deadline. 

Will the course still show on my record if I withdraw from it?

Yes.  Any course you withdraw from will appear on your transcript with a grade of W.

Does a grade of W affect my GPA?

No. A "W" grade symbol does not get calculated into the GPA.

Will a grade of W count against me?

Any grades of W for your Fall 2020 courses will not count against the 18-unit limit allowed for Withdrawals. 

If I receive a WU, can I still request a Withdrawal (W)?

Yes, if you receive a WU for the semester, you may request a withdrawal using the following form: Fall 2020 Request for Late Withdrawal (W).

What is the difference between a W and a WU?

The symbol "W" indicates that the student was permitted to withdraw and is not used in calculating grade point average. 

The symbol "WU" is used when a student did not withdraw from the course and did not complete course requirements. For purposes of grade point average computation, is equivalent to an "F".

If I want to withdraw from a class or classes due to a medical reason, is it the same process?

No.  For a medical withdraw, students must file a Change of Program, Petition for Exception, documentation and all required signatures to the Office of Admissions and Records.  For more assistance, please make an appointment with your academic advisor.

I have additional questions, who should I contact?

If you have additional questions, please contact the following University Advising Center advisors:

Salvador Valdez, Retention & Innovation Specialist

Telephone: (310)243-3953

Alma Melena, Graduation Specialist

Telephone: (310) 243-2600