Freshman Advising for Successful Toros


The mission of the Freshman Advising for Successful Toros (FAST) program is to assist freshman students with transitioning and navigating through the university system, in order to encourage optimum academic success.

About FAST

The workshops provide a space to think critically about your education plan and how to achieve the college experience you are seeking to meet your academic and personal goals. The workshops are facilitated by your academic advisor, who will provide advisement on accurate course selection and information critical to your customized academic plan, along with helpful tools such as the Academic Requirements Report. Additionally, students will be directly connected to essential campus resources.                                           

During fall semester FAST workshops, students have the opportunity to:

  • Meet with their advisor and peers in a small group setting
  • Get answers to any lingering questions on college life at Dominguez Hills
  • Understand General Education and Overall Graduation Requirements
  • Become familiar with relevant resources to support student success
  • Learn to navigate and utilize the Academic Requirements Report


During spring semester FAST workshops, students have the opportunity to:

  • Recognize engagement in student activities as a means to create their college experience
  • Enhance knowledge of university resources critical to student development
  • Ensure proficiency in navigation of Academic Requirements/Degree Audit Report
  • Learn the importance of creating a holistic education plan that is focused on academics and personal growth

What is required of students?

Students are required to attend one FAST Workshop during the fall AND spring semesters in their first year at Dominguez Hills. If a workshop is not attended, a FAST Hold will be placed on student accounts, which blocks course registration.


How do students register for a workshop?

Students receive an email via Toromail from their UAC advisor providing them with the registration link that pertains to workshops within their college/major. Students should register for the workshop that accommodates their schedule and should NOT miss class to attend a workshop. Once registered, students will receive a reminder email 24-48 hours before the registered workshop.


What do students need to bring to the FAST workshop?

1) Provide CSUDH student ID or photo identification

2) Printed copy of the Academic Requirements Report

3) Printed copy of Fall '18 and Spring '19 academic plans completed via Smart Planner

4) A short paraphraph answering the following:

What you would most like to accomplish this year?
- What concerns you most about college?


Please note: Students will be asked to reschedule if they do not provide a copy of their Academic Requirements Report at the time of check in. Electronic copies of the Academic Requirements Report will not be accepted.


To access the Academic Requirements Report:

  • Log into MyCSUDH -- MAC users ­ should use Firefox, not Safari
  • Click on "Student Center" on the top left side of the screen
  • Click on the drop-down menu labeled "Other Academic..." on the left side of the screen
  • Select "Academic Requirements"
  • Click "Go" (blue button)
  • Once report loads, click blue "Expand all" button
  • Click on "Print Report" link at the top of the page


Campus Printing Services

The Toro Copy Center in Welch Hall B105 provides double sided copies.