First Generation

Welcome Toros! The fall semester is fast approaching, and we are so excited to hit the ground running with you! If you haven’t yet registered, there is still time to enroll. Just go to to access your student portal.

We are all in on your success at DH. In fact, this fall we are launching new college student success centers that are dedicated to ensuring you THRIVE as a Toro. To make an advising appointment and get connected to your new student success center, just click here. Reach out. We'll be Going Far Together.

Program Description

First Gen Toros, a program initiated by University Advisement Center, is a collaboration with various CSUDH departments committed to providing support to first-generation CSUDH college students and guiding them through their academic journey by exploring identity development, sense of belonging, and student engagement at CSUDH and in higher education. The program also is dedicated to helping students utilize valuable academic tools and knowledge through various workshops throughout the year and enhancing the student experience.

Workshops focus on personal, professional and academic development, improving study skills, family engagement and community building. The program is instrumental to providing first generation college students with the knowledge, tools, support and community necessary to thrive as Toros during their undergraduate education and beyond.

First Gen Toros committee members a part of the following departments at CSUDH: University Advisement Center. TRIO Student Support Services, Rose Black Resource Center, Department of Sociology, School Leadership Program.