General Education Information and Petition

General Education (GE) Information for Fall 2020

The course descriptions for GE courses for the current GE plan is available at 2020-2021 University Catalog. The GE Areas are:

  • Area A: Basic Skills
  • Area B: Natural Sciences and Quantitative Reasoning
  • Area C: Humanities
  • Area D: Social Sciences
  • Area E. Lifelong Learning and Self-Development
  • Area F: Upper Division Integrative Studies

New General Education courses added after the start of the fall 2020 term will be included in the 2021-22 University Catalog.

General Education Petition

The GE Petition packet must include:

  • One Petition for Exception Form [PDF]
    • Form must be filled out
    • Under "Request Type," select General Education
    • $10 processing fee must be paid at the Cashiers Office
    • No signatures of support are required for the GE Petition
  • One General Education Petition for Course Substitution Form [PDF] for each course student would like reviewed
    • For example, if the student would like three courses reviewed, three General Education Petition for Course Substitution forms must be included
  • Course description(s) for the course(s) being petitioned

The entire GE Petition should be submitted to the University Advisement Center at It takes approximately three (3) months to process complete general education petitions; the student will be notified of the official outcome via an emailed letter from Admissions and Records.

Students who wish to submit a GE Petition are required to consult with a UAC advisor to ensure that it is appropriate to do so.

Follow the UAC: