First-Year Peer Coaches


Hello Toros and welcome to CSU, Dominguez Hills! The Dominguez Hills First Year Experience (DHFYE) Community is pleased to be with you in this new and exciting journey of your college career. This new chapter begins today and we are sure you will thrive. Your college journey can be whatever you decide to make it. So, let’s make it a good one! You are the captain of your ship and you can steer it in whichever direction you desire. The DHFYE Peer Coach team is here to help you succeed during your time at CSU, Dominguez Hills and to connect you to everything our campus has to offer. We hope to support you in building a strong community, sense of self and encourage you to delve into the full college experience.

DHFYE Peer Coaches are students, just like you! They have transitioned from high school to CSU, Dominguez Hills and obtained skills they will share with you in support of your academic journey. As a first-year student coming from a place where you saw all the same people consistently, to a new place where you may not know everybody can be both overwhelming and frightening. Your Peer Coach can serve as your first connection to the institution that will help you build those connections based on your interests and needs. The Peer Coaches will learn and grow with you and will send you off to your second year equipped with a foundation set for success. So be sure to connect with them regularly and ask questions!

I think breaking into small groups really allowed me to connect with each individual. Knowing a little bit about everyone’s “story” enabled me to actually feel a part of the community here at CSUDH already!

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Meet Our DHFYE Peer Academic Coaches

Jessica Alvarez, DHFYE Peer Academic Coach

Jessica Alvarez

DHFYE Peer Academic Coach

Major: Psychology
Class Standing: Junior

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I am proud to be a Toro because of the campus' inclusivity, as it has a friendly environment and gives me a sense of belonging.

Angie Morales, DHFYE Peer Academic Coach

Angie Morales

DHFYE Peer Academic Coach

Major: Criminal Justice Administration
Class Standing: Junior

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I'm proud to be a Toro because of the diversity CSUDH has.

Maricielo Portugal, DHFYE Peer Academic Coach

Maricielo Portugal

DHFYE Peer Academic Coach

Major: Human Services
Class Standing: Junior

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I am proud to be a Toro because I am a first-generation student. The amount of support I have received at DH is beyond belief, I wouldn’t trade being a Toro!

Rommel Tanglao, DHFYE Peer Academic Coach

Rommel Tanglao

DHFYE Peer Academic Coach

Major: Kinesiology - Fitness Director Option
Class Standing: Junior

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I am proud to be a Toro because of the cohesive, diverse, and ingenious community we have here at Dominguez. From the students to the faculty and staff, everyone here shares a similar goal in building a sustainable university where education and harmony is heavily emphasized.

Estefania Campos Torres, DHFYE Peer Academic Coach

Estefania Campos Torres

DHFYE Peer Academic Coach

Major: Criminal Justice
Class Standing: Junior

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I’m obtaining the opportunity of becoming a more in depth intellectual individual, as well as making friends, and life lasting relationships.