Remediation Disqualification

A student will be remedially disqualified if s/he does not complete the required remediation courses by the end of spring semester of her/his first full academic year. A student may appeal the disqualification only one time. The appeal can be submitted only if the student needs to complete a maximum of one math and/or one English remedial course in the next summer session. The student shall submit a Petition for Exception form and proof of registration in the needed class(es) by July 1 of that year. Proof of completion with a passing grade of "C" or better must be submitted to Admissions and Records by August 15th of that year. If these criteria are met, the student will not be disqualified.

Petition packets must include

  1. Petition for Exception form [PDF] ($10 fee)
  2. Proof of enrollment in remedial course(s) for summer semester

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