Academic Year Services

UBMS offers a wide range of support for our participants during the academic school year. Learn more about our services!

Saturday Academy

Saturday Academy is offered once a month at CSUDH. The academy provides participants with academic, financial literacy, college, and career enrichment opportunities.

Review the Saturday Academy page for schedules, agendas, and a t-shirt chart.


Tutoring is offered after school, twice a week, at each target school. Participants are encouraged to attend tutoring weekly to gain assistance on all academic coursework. Our tutoring classrooms are also open to participants who are looking for a quiet space to do homework.

Visit the Tutoring page for tutoring dates, times, and locations.

Academic Advising

In addition to the guidance counseling that participants receive from the school, academic advising provides participants with additional support and assistance in A-G requirements, college preparation, and career exploration. Academic advising is offered as a one-on-one service, where each session is personalized to the participant’s needs.

Learn how to sign up for an Academic Advising session.

Community Service

Engaging in community service provides participants with excellent, well-rounded academic profiles. UBMS coordinates community service opportunities to ensure that students are engaged with their community while enhancing their academic profiles.

Learn more about Community Service here.

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