Editorial Services

University Communications and Marketing provides professional editorial services to inform the CSUDH community, general public, and the media about campus news, stories, and events and produces university promotional materials.

This office also ensures that university messages are consistent throughout CSUDH.

Writing and Editing

University writers work closely with design professionals to create materials to promote campus programs and activities. Projects are accepted based on the following priorities:

  1. University-Wide Communications
    Print, web, and electronic publications that support the university and its mission or enhance the image of the university to primarily external audiences

  2. External Outreach and Primary Internal Communications
    Materials for colleges, units, departments, and offices that are engaged in significant outreach activities and primary communications to the campus community

  3. Narrowly Focused External and Internal Communications
    Materials that support individual departments, programs, offices, and units

Website Content

University Communications and Marketing maintains the content for some top-level pages of the University’s website. We also assist with planning and editing university web pages, and in assuring that messages and tone are consistent throughout the CSUDH website. If you have questions or suggestions regarding top-level university web pages, or would like assistance with your unit's website, please contact Amy Bentley-Smith, Director of University Communications and Marketing.

Editorial Style Guide

Editorial standards help to ensure that a unified voice is presented in all CSUDH materials. The university strives to present a professional, clear, and consistent voice in its communications. This allows the reader to concentrate on content without being distracted by variations in capitalization and punctuation.

The CSUDH Editorial Style Guide has been prepared to provide guidelines for stylistic consistency in university print, web, and other media content. It is intended to serve as the official guideline when writing, editing, or proofreading content for publication.


  • Director, University Communications and Public Affairs
    Email Amy Bentley-Smith or call (310) 243-2455