University Billboard Submission

csudh-university-billboardThank you for your interest in promoting university events and programs on the university’s outdoor electronic billboard.

Located on the corner of Avalon Boulevard and Victoria Street, the “University Billboard” (often referred to as the Avalon sign) is a very specialized form of communication for the university. Based on the latest traffic study, 50,000 vehicles pass through that intersection each day. Messaging on the billboard has the potential to engage a traveler stopped at or passing through the intersection for an average of four to eight seconds.

To ensure consistency of brand and messaging for university events and programs to an external audience— and maximize the impact of each message on the University Billboard — University Communications and Marketing has created the following guidelines.

CSUDH University Billboard Message Guidelines 

Billboard Hours of Operation and Message Rotation

  • The billboard runs from 6 a.m. to 11:30 p.m., seven days a week.
  • No more than 12 messages are in rotation at any given time to maximize visibility of all messaging.
  • When message requests exceed the maximum rotation, priority will be given to major events open to the public with an anticipated attendance of 150 or more, or an event that is of significant interest to the university.
  • A message for a date-specific event will appear in rotation a minimum of one week and up to a maximum of three weeks before the event.
  • Messages without a specific end date will be placed in rotation space permitting.
  • Rotation time may be changed at discretion of University Communications and Marketing. 

University Billboard Request Criteria

Requests submitted for the University Billboard do not constitute University Communications and Marketing’s commitment to publicize an event or activity on the billboard. Messages requested for the billboard will be considered on their own merits, but should meet the following criteria:

  • Must publicize an event already approved, with time, date, location confirmed.
  • Must publicize an event that is university funded or sponsored.
  • Must publicize an event that takes place on campus.
  • Must publicize an event open to the public or of widespread interest or importance to the university as determined by University Communications and Marketing
  • "Welcome" messages to groups visiting CSUDH, congratulatory messages, or non-event messages may be posted for a limited time, space permitting.
  • Must be requested by an authorized university departments or organizations.

Note: Approved messages are scheduled for production in the order in which they were received.

Note: An existing agreement with AEG allows messaging of Dignity Sports Health Park events on the University Billboard.

The following messaging is not permitted on the billboard:

  • Enrollment in specific academic courses (this does not apply to extended education certificate programs, professional development/enrichment programs open to the public without formal admission to the university.)
  • General advertisement of an academic department
  • Political endorsements
  • Events closed to the public or limited to members of an organization
  • Discriminatory or offensive in nature
  • Any promotion of alcohol or tobacco
  • No posting of pricing of items or events

How to Request a Billboard Post

IMPORTANT: Only message requests made through the University Billboard request process will be considered for display. To ensure there is sufficient time to produce and effectively display the message on the sign, requests must be submitted 15 working days before desired run date.

  1. Please review the University Billboard Guidelines.
  2. Fill out and submit the University Billboard Request Form, including the following information:
  • Name
  • Department/Organization
  • Sponsor (if any)
  • Campus Phone Extension
  • Email Address
  • Name of Event
  • Event Date(s) and Time(s)
  • Event Location
  • Contact Information (phone number, email, etc.) for Event
  • Desired run date(s)
  • Message
    • Messages must be brief and concise.
    • Design and wording of the message may be revised to adhere to university brand. 

Once University Communications and Marketing receives your request, you will be contacted about photos, graphics, or other imagery you want to include on your post.

The requesting person and organization will be held responsible for the accuracy of the information placed in the message.

Once the message has been approved for display, the parties requesting the message will be notified by email.

Message Display Timeframe

  • Messages promoting a dated event will appear in rotation a minimum of one week and up to a maximum of three weeks before the event. They will be displayed until the evening of or day after the event.
  • Messages that are not date specific will be placed in rotation space permitting.
  • Requests for repeat messaging will require another form submission.

Rotation time and duration may be changed at discretion of University Communications and Marketing.

Use of University Billboard for Emergency Purposes

The administration of California State University Dominguez Hills reserves the right to use the campus University Billboard exclusively for emergency notification and communication.

Corporate Sponsorships and Advertising

Sponsors associated with university-sponsored artistic or cultural programs, conferences, athletic or special events may be acknowledged on the University Billboard. University Communications and Marketing must approve all sponsorship mentions that would appear on the board.  

Sponsorship and Acknowledgment Guidelines

  • Advertising or an expressed or implied endorsement of a third party, its products, or services, on the campus outdoor billboard is not permitted.
  • The purpose of acknowledgment is not to promote or endorse the sponsor, but to recognize the contribution made by the sponsor.
  • Acknowledgments should reflect the integrity of the university’s reputation and image.
  • The following elements may be included in the acknowledgment on the University Billboard (with sponsor permission):
    • Sponsor name
    • Sponsor logo (logos may not be animated)
    • Sponsor location (physical or web address) or phone number

Acknowledgments may not include:

  • Description of sponsor
  • Descriptions of the sponsor’s products, services, facilities, or companies, etc.

Within the title of an event, some acceptable acknowledgments of event sponsors include:

  • CSUDH Concert Series sponsored by “Name of Sponsor.”
  • The CSUDH Concert Series brought to you by “Name of Sponsor.”
  • “Name of Sponsor” brings you the CSUDH Concert Series.