What is a First-Year Seminar?

Our First-Year Seminars (FYS) will deeply enrich and connect our freshmen to core ideas in new disciplines with a passionate and caring doctoral trained professor. Offered during the fall and spring semesters, the seminars cover a wide variety of fascinating topics. Professors will discuss, debate and engage with freshmen students in smaller, more intimate classes, conversations and hands-on activities to explore and discuss topics of mutual interest. Moreover, students will have the opportunity to hone their critical thinking, writing, and oral communication skills. The Seminars promote meaningful-peer-to-peer interactions and close faculty-to-student mentorship.

Must I be a freshman to take a FYS?

All students who enter CSU Dominguez Hills as a freshman must enroll in any FYS during their first two semesters of attendance. Enrollment is limited to 25. These courses often include special events and fieldtrips not available in other classes.

Who teaches a FYS? 

In Fall and Spring semester we will offer seminars taught by full-time faculty and lectures who hold a Ph.D. or a terminal degree and who are active in their field. FYS topics range beyond the limits of regular curriculum on a number of topics! Learn more about the FYS courses.

Why should I take a First-Time Seminar?

Because the FYS promotes meaningful peer-to-peer interactions and close faculty-student mentorship, it is considered a high-touch and High Impact Practice (HIP). FYS students will develop key competencies by producing written and oral assignments and taking part in co-curricular activities that engage meaningfully with the course content. The FYS provides first-year students a strong foundation to thrive in college and persist to graduate.

Grading and Credit

The FYS is a 3-unit semester course, meeting 2.5 hours a week Credit/No Credit (A-C/NC) grading. Successful completion of the course allows students to fulfill the General Education requirement in Area E: Lifelong Learning and Self-Development.