Academic Programs

Academic Programs

Undergraduate Majors,
Options, and Concentrations

B.A. in Africana Studies

  • General Africana Studies Concentration
  • Historical and Political Development Concentration
  • Language and Literary Traditions Concentration
  • Socio-Psychological Behavior Concentration

B.A. in Anthropology

  • Archaeology Concentration
  • General Anthropology Concentration

B.S. in Applied Studies [also offered through Extended Education]

B.A. in Art

  • Art History Option
  • Design Option
  • Studio Art Option

B.A. in Behavioral Science

B.S. Biochemistry

B.A. in Biology

B.S. in Biology

  • Cellular and Molecular Biology Option
  • Ecology and Environmental Biology Option
  • Microbiology Option

B.S. in Business Administration

  • Accounting Concentration
  • Entrepreneurship Concentration
  • Finance Concentration
  • General Business Concentration
  • Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management Concentration
  • Information Systems Concentration
  • Information Systems Security Concentration
  • International Business Concentration
  • Management and Human Resources Concentration
  • Marketing Concentration
  • Sports, Entertainment and Hospitality Concentration

B.A. in Chemistry

  • Biochemistry Option
  • General Chemistry Option

B.S. in Chemistry

B.A. in Chicana/Chicano Studies

  • Arts, Aesthetics and Performance Concentration   
  • Culture, History and Political Development Concentration
  • Education, Social and Community Development Concentration
  • Language and Literature Concentration

B.S. in Child Development

B.S. in Clinical Science

  • Cytotechnology Option
  • Medical Technology Option

B.A. in Communications

  • Advertising/Public Relations Option
  • Journalism Option
  • Media Studies Option

B.S. in Computer Science

B.A. in Computer Technology

  • General Track
  • Homeland Security Track
  • Professional Track

B.S. in Criminal Justice Administration

B.A. in Digital Media Arts

  • Audio Recording Option
  • Music Technology Option
  • Television Arts Option

B.A. in English

  • English Education Option
  • Language and Linguistics Option
  • Literature Option

B.A./B.S. in Geography

  • Earth and Environment Option

B.A./B.S. in Geology

  • Earth and Environment Option

B.S. in Health Science

  • Community Health Option
  • Health Care Management Option
  • Prosthetics Option
  • Radiologic Technology Option

B.A. in History

  • History/Social Science Education Option

B.A. in Human Services

  • Mental Health Recovery Option

B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies

  • American Studies Concentration
  • Comparative Cultures Concentration
  • Environmental Studies Concentration
  • Global Studies Concentration

B.A. in Labor Studies

B.A. in Liberal Studies

  • Anthropology Option
  • Art Option
  • Dance Option
  • Early Teaching and Learning Option
  • English Language and Linguistics Option
  • English Literature Option
  • Human Development Option
  • Integrated Option
  • Mathematics Option
  • Natural Science Option
  • Physical Education Option
  • Spanish Option
  • Theatre Arts Option

B.S. in Mathematics

  • Mathematics Option
  • Mathematics Education Option

B.A. in Music

  • General Music Option
  • Music Education Option
  • Performance Option

B.A. in Negotiation, Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding

B.S. in Nursing[also offered through Distance Learning]

B.A. in Philosophy

  • Philosophy Option
  • Religious Studies Option

B.A. in Physical Education

  • Athletic Training Education Option
  • Dance Option
  • Fitness Director Option
  • Pre-Physical Therapy Option
  • Teaching Option

B.S. in Physics

  • Electrical Engineering
  • General Physics Option
  • Physical Science Option

B.A. in Political Science

  • General Political Science Concentration

B.A. in Psychology

B.S. in Public Administration

  • Administrative Management Concentration
  • Criminal Justice Administration Concentration
  • Health Services Administration Concentration
  • Nonprofit Management Concentration
  • Public Financial Management Concentration
  • Public Personnel Administration Concentration

B.A. in Recreation and Leisure Studies

  • Recreation Administration Option
  • Therapeutic Recreation Option

B.S. in Quality Assurance [offered through Extended Education]

  • Measurement Science Option         

B.A. in Sociology

B.A. in Spanish

  • Linguistics Option
  • Literature Option

B.A. in Special Major

B.S. in Special Major

B.A. in Theatre Arts

  • Dance Option
  • Theatre Arts Option


  • Advertising
  • Africana Studies
  • Anthropology
  • Art History
  • Asian-Pacific Studies
  • Behavioral Science
  • Biology
  • Business Administration
  • Chicana/Chicano Studies
  • Civilizations (Interdisciplinary Studies)
  • Coaching (Kinesiology)
  • Communications
  • Computer Science
  • Computer Technology
  • Criminal Justice Administration
  • Crafts
  • Dance
  • Design
  • Digital Graphics
  • Earth Science
  • English
  • Environmental Studies (Interdisciplinary Studies)
  • French
  • Geography
  • Health Science
  • History
  • Humanities
  • Human Studies (Interdisciplinary Studies)
  • Information Systems
  • Labor Studies
  • Language and Linguistics
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Mathematics
  • Microbiology
  • Music
  • Organic/Biochemistry
  • Philosophy
  • Physics
  • Political Science
  • Psychology
  • Public Administration
  • Recreation and Leisure Studies
  • Religious Studies
  • Science, Technology and Society
    (Interdisciplinary Studies)
  • Sociology
  • Spanish
  • Special Minor
  • Speech (Theatre Arts)
  • Studio Art
  • Teaching (Kinesiology)
  • Theatre Education
  • Theatre Performance
  • Thematic Project (Interdisciplinary Studies)
  • Women's Studies

Certificate Programs

  • Accounting (Business Administration)
  • Alcohol and Drug Counseling [offered through Extended Education]
  • Audio Technology (Digital Media Arts)
  • Computer Science
  • Cultural Resource Management (Anthropology)
  • Design (Art)
  • Digital Graphics (Art)
  • Fitness Instructor (Kinesiology)
  • Geotechniques (Geography)
  • Human Resources Management [offered through Extended Education]
  • Information Systems (Business Administration)
  • Labor Studies
  • Marketing (Business Administration)
  • Mental Health Recovery (Human Services)
  • Orthotics [offered through Extended Education]
  • Production and Inventory Control[offered through Extended Education]
  • Prosthetics[offered through Extended Education]
  • Purchasing[offered through Extended Education]
  • Social Research (Sociology)
  • Sport and Fitness Psychology [offered through Extended Education]
  • Television Arts (Digital Media Arts)

Graduate Degree
Programs and Options

M.A. in Arts and Humanities

M.S. in Biology

Master of Business Administration[also offered online]

  • Finance Concentration
  • General Business Concentration
  • Human Resources Management Concentration
  • Information Technology Management Concentration
  • International Business Concentration
  • Logistics Management Concentration
  • Management Concentration
  • Marketing Concentration

M.S. Computer Science

M.A. in Education

  • Counseling Option
  • Curriculum and Instruction Option
  • Curriculum and Instruction, Science Emphasis
  • Educational Administration Option
  • Individualized Program Option
  • Multicultural Option
  • Reading Option
  • Physical Education Administration Option
  • Technology Based Education Option

M.A. in English

  • Literature Option
  • Rhetoric and Composition Emphasis
  • Teaching of English as a Second Language (TESL) Option

M.S. Environmental Science

M.S. Health Science

  • Orthotics and Prosthetics Option

M.A. in Humanities[offered through Extended Education]

M.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies (Special Major)

M.S. in Interdisciplinary Studies (Special Major)

M.S. in Marital and Family Therapy

M.A.T. Mathematics

  • Middle School Mathematics Option
  • High School Mathematics Option

M.A. in Negotiation, Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding

M.S. in Nursing

  • Nurse Educator Option
  • Nurse Administrator Option
  • Clinical Nurse Specialist Option
  • Family Nurse Practitioner Option
  • Clinical Nurse Leader Option (Master's entry-level program)

M.S. in Occupational Therapy

M.A. in Psychology

  • Clinical Pyschology Option
  • Health Psychology Option

Master of Public Administration [also offered online]

  • Criminal Justice Administration Concentration
  • Nonprofit Management Concentration
  • Public Management Concentration

M.S. in Quality Assurance[offered through Extended Education]

  • Manufacturing Option
  • Service and Health Care Option

Master of Social Work

M.A. in Sociology

  • General Sociology Option
  • Research Skills Option

M.A. in Special Education

Credential Programs

Basic Teaching Credentials

Multiple Subject

  • Student Teaching Option
  • University Intern Option

Single Subject

  • Student Teaching Option
  • University Intern Option

Designated Subjects - Adult Education[offered through Extended Education]

Bilingual Authorization- Spanish

Services Credentials

Administrative Services

  • Preliminary
  • Professional

Pupil Personnel Services

  • School Counseling
  • School Counseling Internship
  • School Counseling w/ Child Welfare and Attendance

Special Education Credentials

Early Childhood Special Education

  • Student Teaching Option
  • Intern Option

Mild/Moderate Disabilities

  • Student Teaching Option
  • Intern Option

Moderate/Severe Disabilities

  • Student Teaching Option
  • Intern Option

Clear Credential

State Certificates

Special Education Resource Specialist

Early Childhood Special Education Added Authorization


Graduate and Postbaccalaureate Certificate Programs

  • Assistive Technology Specialist (Special Education) [offered through Extended Education]
  • Clinical Science- Cytotechnology
  • Clinical Science - Medical Technology
  • Communication Sciences and Disorders
  • Community College Teaching[offered through Extended Education]
  • Post-master's Conflict Analysis and Resolution
    (Negotiation, Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding)
  • Early Childhood Special Education Added Authorization (Special Education)
  • Post-master's Family Nurse Practitioner
  • Post-master's Logistics Management
    (Business Administration)
  • Post-master's Marketing (Business Administration)
  • Post-master's Nurse Administrator
  • Post-master's Nurse Educator
  • Post-master's CNS: Gerontology
  • Post-master's CNS: Parent Child Nursing
  • Public Health Nursing
  • Rhetoric and Composition (English)
  • Social Research (Sociology)
  • Special Education Resource Specialist (Special Education)
  • Teaching of English as a Second Language (TESL) (English)
  • Technology Based Education (Graduate Education)