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Ivonne Heinze-Balcazar, Department Chair

Michael Galant

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Emeriti Faculty

Winston R. Hewitt, Yvone V. Lenard


Features and Career Possibilities

The Minor in French provides a useful background for students who intend to use French for occupations in commerce, business, public service or international trade, in capacities such as administrators, bilingual secretaries, translators and interpreters. In addition, the minor in French is recommended to students who are considering civil service careers such as those offered by the Department of State (Consular Services, for example).

Classroom instruction in French is supplemented by the modern listening and recording equipment and media files in the language laboratory.

Academic Advisement

Students are urged to see an advisor upon admission. An advisor can be particularly helpful in choosing the French course best suited to the background and needs of each student. 


High School students who plan to minor in French are encouraged to take at least two years of French in high school. Those who have completed four years of high school French successfully may
be able to begin their study of French at CSU Dominguez Hills at the upper division level.

Community College transfer students planning to take upper division French courses at CSU Dominguez Hills should have completed four semesters of college level French successfully. Those who have taken fewer than four semesters of French in a community college will be placed at an appropriate level by means of advisement.


Minor in French (12-24 units)

A.  Lower Division Required Courses (0-12 units):

FRE 110. Beginning French I (3)

FRE 111. Beginning French II (3)

FRE 220. Second-Year French (3,3)

NOTE: Students take beginning and intermediate French courses (FRE 110, FRE 111, and FRE 220) as needed- those who have completed two, three or four years of high school French or any community college French will be placed in the appropriate semester of college French in consultation with a departmental advisor. Students may get credit for some of these courses through the Advanced Placement Examination in either French Language or Literature, and/or by challenging them (but never in descending order), and/or by transferring equivalent courses from other institutions.


B.  Upper Division Required Courses (12 units):

FRE 305. Advanced Composition, Syntax, & Stylistics (3)

FRE 310. The Study of Language (3)

FRE 450. French Culture (3)

FRE 452. French Literature I (3) or

FRE 453. French Literature II (3)


Course Offerings

The credit value for each course in semester units is indicated for each term by a number in parentheses following the title. For course availability, please see the list of tentative course offerings in the current Class Schedule.

Lower Division

FRE 110          Beginning French I (3).

Basic instruction in French. Training in speaking, listening, reading, and writing for students who have had no previous work in French.

FRE 111          Beginning French II (3).

Prerequisite: FRE 110 or consent of instructor.

A continuation of French 110.

FRE 220          Second-year French (3).

Prerequisite: At least one year of college French or consent of instructor.

Individualized instruction in French language, life and letters for second-year and advanced first-year students in French. This course taken successfully twice completes lower division requirements for the major and minor. Repeatable course.

Upper Division

FRE 305          Advanced Composition, Syntax, and Stylistics (3).

Prerequisite: FRE 220 or equivalent.

A reading, composition, and discussion course concerned with elements of style and syntax, with emphasis on creative writing by students.

FRE 450          French Culture (3).

Prerequisite: FRE 220 or equivalent.

An area studies course focusing on patterns of French civilization and culture.

FRE 452          French Literature I (3).

Prerequisite: FRE 220 or equivalent.

French literature from the Middle Ages to the Revolution.

FRE 453          French Literature II (3).

Prerequisite: FRE 220 or equivalent.

Prose and poetry of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

FRE 494          Independent Study (3).

Prerequisites: B average in French, upper division standing, and consent of instructor and department chair.

Independent study of a literary or linguistic problem, author, or movement. Repeatable course.

Infrequently Offered Courses

The following courses are scheduled only on a "demand" basis. Students should consult the department office for information about the next scheduled offering.

FRE 310          The Study of Language (3).

Traditional and modern approaches to the study of language; fundamentals of phonology and grammar (same as ENG 310 and SPA 310).