Answers to Your Questions


TopicWhere to GoLocationPhone (310) 243-
Academic Petition for Exception ProcedureMajor Department or Program  
General Education PetitionUniversity Advisement CenterWH A-2203538
Add or Drop ClassAdmissions and Records/RegistrationWH C-2903645
Address ChangeAdmissions and Records/RegistrationWH C-2903645
Admission StatusAdmissions and Records/RegistrationWH C-2903645
Business Administration (undergraduate)CBAPP Advisement CenterSBS A-3193561
Business Administration (graduate)MBA Program OfficeSBS A-3252174
College of Arts and HumanitiesStudent Services CenterLIB 50832630/3264
College of Health, Human Services, and NursingStudent Service CenterWH C-3002120 or
1(800) 344-5484
College of Natural and Behavioral SciencesStudent Services CenterLIB -57213631
Declared MajorsMajor Department or Program  
General EducationUniversity Advisement CenterWH A-2203538
GraduateMajor Department or Program  
Public Administration (undergraduate)CBAPP Advisement CenterSBS A-3193516
Public Administration (graduate)MPA Program OfficeSBS A-3213465
Undeclared MajorsUniversity Advisement CenterWH A-2203538
TopicWhere to GoLocationPhone (310) 243-
Alumni ActivitiesAlumni ProgramsWH C-4902237
Annual GivingAnnual GivingWH C-4902237
Application for Admission:   
UndergraduateOutreach and Information ServicesWH D-2453696
GraduateOutreach and Information ServicesWH D-2453696
TopicWhere to GoLocationPhone (310) 243-
Art ExhibitsArt GalleryLCH B-1143334/3855
Associated Students, Inc.Associated Students, Inc.LSU Room 2313686
Athletic Programs and Ticket InformationSports InformationHC3764
Auditing a ClassAdmissions and Records/RegistrationWH C-2903645
Audio VisualInstructional TechnologyLIB C-1213704
Books and SuppliesBookstoreLSU Room 2523789
Building Maintenance/Repairs/ProblemsPhysical PlantPOA3804
Career InformationCareer CenterWH D-3603625
CashierCashier's OfficeWH B-2703780
CateringCampus DiningLSU Room 2153814
Center for Service Learning, Internships
And Civic Engagement (S.L.I.C.E.)
S.L.I.C.E.SCC 3002438
Change/Declaration of Undergraduate MajorMajor Department or Program  
Change of Graduate Status, Certificate,
or Pre-professional Objective
Graduate StudiesWH D-4403693
Child CareChild Development CenterCDC 1011015
Computer ProblemsIT Help DeskWH B-3702500
Copy MachinesComputer LabWH D-1603654
 Library Welch HallLIB 2nd Floor3799
Career PlanningCareer CenterWH D-3603625
Psychological CounselingStudent Health CenterSHC A-1413818
Psychological CounselingCareer CenterWH D-3603625
TopicWhere to GoLocationPhone (310) 243-
Credit for Prior LearningUniversity Advisement CenterWH A-2203538
Degree ApplicationAdmissions and Records/RegistrationWH C-2903645
Degree EvaluationAdmissions and Records/RegistrationWH C-2903645
Disabled Student Services (DSS)Disabled Student ServicesWH 1803660
DisqualificationDean’s Office  
Distance LearningExtended EducationWH A-1202288
Distribution and PostingAdministrative OfficesLSU Room 1313854
Educational Opportunity Program (EOP)EOP OfficeWH D-3503632
ELM RequirementsUniversity Advisement CenterWH A-2203538
Emergency MessagesState University PoliceWH B-1003639
Employment for Students (full-time and part-time)Career CenterWH D-3603625
English Placement Test (EPT) RequirementsUniversity Advisement CenterWH A-2203538
Enrollment VerificationsAdmissions and Records/RegistrationWH C-2903645
Environmental Health & Occupational SafetyEnvironmental Health & Occupational SafetyPOA F-0102895
ESL - American Language and Culture ProgramExtended EducationSAC 11433830
Evaluations/General EducationAdmissions and Records/RegistrationWH C-2903645
Extension Class InformationExtended EducationEE 11003741
Facilities SchedulingProcurement & Contracts (P.C.L.A.S.S.)WH B-4852231
Fees - BillingStudent Financial ServicesWH B-2703780
Fees - PaymentCashier’s OfficeWH B-2703780
Financial AidFinancial AidWH B-2603691
Financial Aid Check DistributionStudent Financial ServicesWH B-2703780
Food Services/Campus Dining/CateringCampus Dining Services OfficeLSU Room 2153814
Grab & Go TorosWelch HallLower Level(310) 516-3701
Grab & Go Toros 2Social and Behavioral Sciences Building, 2nd floorSBS E-216(310) 516-3846
Forensics TeamTheatre ArtsLCH B-1042847
FoundationFoundationSCC 2-2023306
General Education AdvisementAdvisement CenterWH A-2203538
Graduate StudiesGraduate StudiesWH D-4403693
Graduation, Application forAdmissions and Records/RegistrationWH C-2903645
Graduation Requirements (B.A./B.S.)University Advisement CenterWH A-2203538
Greek Letter OrganizationsOffice of Student LifeLSU Room 1112081
Group Study SessionsToro Learning CenterLIB C-5323827
GWAR/GWE RequirementsTesting OfficeWH A-2103909
Health CenterStudent Health CenterSHC A-1293629
Health InsuranceAssociated Students, Inc.LSU Room 2313686
Honors ProgramHonors ProgramSCC 3003974
Housing: On & Off-CampusHousingBldg. A2228
I.D. Card Replacement InformationAdmissions and Records/RegistrationWH C-2903645
InformationOutreach and Information ServicesWH D-2453696
Informational PostingOffice of Student LifeLSU Room 1112081
Installment Payment PlanStudent Financial ServiceWH B-2703780
Instructional Media CenterInstructional TechnologyLIB C-1213704
International Students:   
AdvisementAdmissions and RecordsWH C-2903645
American Language and Culture ProgramExtended EducationSAC 11433830
Foreign Exchange LettersAdmissions and RecordsWH C-2903645
Immigration FormsAdmissions and RecordsWH C-2903645
Study AbroadInternational Education CenterSCC 136A3919
TOEFL TestingExtended EducationSAC 11433830
TopicWhere to GoLocationPhone (310) 243-
JobsCareer CenterWH D-3603625
Learning and Academic Support
Toro Learning CenterLIB C-5323827
Leave of Absence, EducationalAdmissions and Records/RegistrationWH C-2903645
Live ScanState University PoliceWH B-1003343, 3639
Lost and FoundState University PoliceWH B-1003343, 3639
Name ChangeAdmissions and Records/RegistrationWH C-2903645
New Student OrientationOffice of Student LifeLSU Room 1112081
NewspaperThe BulletinFH B-0092313
Older Adult ServicesOlder Adult CenterSBS B-2352003
Online CoursesDistance LearningWH A-1202288
Open UniversityExtended EducationEE 11003741
Organizations & ClubsOffice of Student LifeLSU Room 1112081
OSHA Training Institute Education CenterExtended EducationEE 13002425, 3355
Osher Lifelong Learning InstituteExtended EducationEE 13003739, 3355
Outreach and Information ServicesStudent Recruitment and InformationWH D-2453696
FeesCashier’s OfficeWH B-2703780
InformationParking OfficeSCC 2-2003725/3639
HandicappedDisabled Student Services OfficeWH 1803660
TopicWhere to GoLocationPhone (310) 243-
Pre-AdmissionOutreach and Information ServicesWH D-2453696
Pre-Health Professions AdvisingBiology DepartmentNSM B-1043528, 3381
PoliceState University PoliceWH B-1003639
Police Anonymous Tip LineState University PoliceWH B-1003980
Reading SkillsToro Learning CenterLIB C-5323827
ReadmissionAdmissions and Records/RegistrationWH C-2903645
ReadmissionAdmissions and Records/RegistrationWH C-2903645
ReentryCashier’s OfficeWH B-2703812
Refund ApplicationsStudent Financial ServicesWH B-2703803
QuestionsAdmissions and Records/RegistrationWH C-2903645
Registration - BillingStudent Financial ServicesWH B-2703780
Registration - Fees PaymentCashier’s OfficeWH B-2703780
TopicWhere to GoLocationPhone (310) 243-
Reinstatement, GraduateGraduate StudiesWH D-4403693
Reservations, meeting roomsAdministrative OfficesLSU Room 1313854
ResidencyAdmissions and Records/RegistrationWH C-2903645
RideshareTransportation ServicesSCC 1082893
Satellite/VideoconferencingDistance LearningWH A-1232288
ScholarshipsFinancial Aid OfficeWH B-2603691
Special Sessions, InformationExtended EducationEE 11003741
Spring IntersessionExtended EducationEE 11003741
Student OrganizationsOffice of Student LifeLSU Room 1112081
Study AbroadInternational Education CenterSCC 136A3919
Study SkillsToro Learning CenterLIB C-5323827
Student Union (Room Reservations)Administrative OfficesLSU Room 1313854
Summer Programs InformationExtended EducationEE 11003741
Teaching Credentials:   
Multiple and Single SubjectTeacher Education DivisionSOE 14013496
Administrative ServicesGraduate Education DivisionSOE 14103524
Pupil Personnel ServicesGraduate Education DivisionSOE 14103524
Special EducationTeacher Education DivisionSOE 14013496
TopicWhere to GoLocationPhone (310) 243-
Telecommunications Device for DeafDisabled Student Services OfficeWH 1802028
Telecommunications Device for DeafLibrary Lobby2nd Floorpay phone
Test InformationTesting OfficeWH A-2103909
Theatre TicketsTheatre Box OfficeUTC B-1023589
Transportation ServicesSmall College ComplexSCC 1-1082893
Transcripts (CSUDH only)Admissions and Records/RegistrationWH C-2903645
Travel Study ProgramsExtended EducationEE 11003741
TutoringToro Learning CenterLIB C-5323827
University AdvisementUniversity Advisement CenterWH 2203538
Vending Machines/RefundsCampus DiningLSU 2153814
 Primary vending locations include kiosks at SCC, LIB, and SAC 2 with locations in every building.  
Veteran’s Certification AssistanceVeteran’s Student ProgramsLSU 1323643
Winter Session, InformationExtended EducationEE 11003741
WithdrawalsAdmissions and Records/RegistrationWH C-2903608
Women’s IssuesWomen’s Resource CenterSCC 1362486
Young Scholar ProgramDistance LearningWH A-1232288